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We’re starting to look ahead at the possibilities of 2021 and what the next year might bring. According to my trusted news sources – random people on Twitter – the tail end of 2021 may feature a vaccine for COVID-19 and signal a change in the winds leading into 2022. 

But what to do until then? 

Here are some ideas I’d like to share with you, in an award-deserving format that is sure to make my former employers say, “Glad we got rid of her!”

You can also watch the film adaptation of this incredible play, starring the brilliant Kathleen MacLean, HERE.


A short play 

by Frances Koncan

Setting: In your apartment. 

Characters: You and a ghost.


Lights up on You, sitting on your bed, typing furiously on your 2015 Macbook Pro with a CD-ROM drive and a sticker on it that says, “I heart theatre”. Ambient coffee shop noises from a YouTube playlist fill the air. 

YOU: I gotta finish this play in time to submit for Sarasvàti Production’s FemFest 2021! 

Suddenly, an incorporeal entity appears at the foot of your bed. You scream

YOU: Gahh! 

GHOST: Don’t forget to put the accent thing on top of the A! 

YOU: Gàhh! 

GHOST: That’s not what I meant.

YOU: Who are you? 

GHOST: I am a ghost. 

YOU: What do you want? 

GHOST: Nobody’s ever asked me that before. 

YOU: Do you want to talk about it?

GHOST: Yeah I do. 

YOU: Okay, but first I have to finish this play by the deadline. 

GHOST: Understood. 

The GHOST floats quietly and waits patiently for you to finish your script. For extra support in the final hours, you turn on your YouTube playlist featuring ambient coffee sounds. You’re on the final page of the script when the worst happens: the YouTube server crashes and your music.  

YOU: Oh no! How will I finish this play without my ambient coffee shop sounds? I’m nothing without my ambient sounds playlist. Ever since I was a little kid I could only write when I had my ambient coffee shop noises playing. I am nothing without it and will never finish this script in time.  

GHOST: You could always send an incomplete draft.

YOU: An incomplete draft? Would the reading committee be okay with that?

GHOST: Sure. 

YOU: How do you know?

The GHOST is silent for a few beats. 

GHOST: Because… I am on the reading committee. 

YOU: No! But you’re a ghost! How…?

GHOST: I think the better question is… when?

YOU: What? 

GHOST: Exactly. 

YOU: I suppose submitting a work-in-progress is okay, knowing I will still have many months to work on it after the submission deadline on November 30th. But this page is still incomplete. And I can’t finish it without the ambient coffee shop sounds.  But maybe… no. It would never work. 

GHOST: What would never work? 

YOU: Maybe if I think really hard and imagine myself in a montage… maybe then I can finish the page. 

You imagine you are in a movie montage and finish the page. 

GHOST: You see? The power was in you all along. You didn’t need the ambient coffee shop music. You just needed to believe in yourself. 

YOU: Thanks ghost. And what about you? Do you still want to talk? 

GHOST: Yeah, I do thanks for asking. 

YOU: No problem. 

GHOST: So… if you haven’t noticed, I’m a ghost.  

YOU: Right.   

GHOST: But I still have all this corporeal money and I don’t know what to do with it.  I want to use it to make a difference, like by giving to an Endowment Fund for a small non-profit theatre company on Treaty 1 Territory. But which one? 

YOU: I know the perfect one. 

YOU and GHOST: Sarasvàti Productions! 


All of us at Sarasvàti Productions hope you will consider submitting your work for presentation at FemFest 2021. We can’t wait to read what you’ve got cooking and are very welcoming of work of all kinds and in all stages of development. You can find submission guidelines HERE.

Nov. 26 at 11am is the next deadline for donating to our Endowment Fund, which provides stability of future income for companies like us. A donation to our endowment fund honours the legacy of the donor in forever and gets matched thanks to programs by the Winnipeg Foundation and the federal government. Your donation supports us in realizing our artistic and community goals! You can learn more about it HERE.

And we always appreciate donations of any amount right here on our website

For rights to this play, please contact my agent, Tucker the Dog at

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