FemFest plans to shock and awe theatre audiences!

FemFest plans to shock and awe theatre audiences with their “edgy” 2010 line-up!

Winnipeg, June 23, 2010– Sarasvàti Productions announces the exciting line-up for their annual festival of plays by women for everyone. FemFest 2010: On the Edge will push the boundaries of conventional theatre, by showcasing performances that are innovative, inspirational, fresh and fun. Now in its eighth season, the festival boasts four touring shows, local productions, two evening cabarets, readings of new works by local playwrights and skill–development workshops for both aspiring artists and the community at large.

This year’s FemFest 2010: On the Edge performance line-up has been chosen specifically to highlight timely societal issues that could induce “buzz” and discussion in the community. The issues being brought to the forefront range from racism to labioplasty, breast implants to breast-feeding, environmental activism to the Church of Oprah and her Vajayjay followers. 

My vajayjay is angry.  It is.  I have trouble showing my anger because of the botox and filler, but trust me it’s pissed. – a botoxed woman in Lindsay Burns’ The Vajayjay Monologues.

“We have never shied away from controversial works, in fact our goal is to create dialogue and this often means needing to give voice to those who are usually silenced,” says Hope McIntyre, Artistic Director of Sarasvàti Productions. “We want our audience members, both male and female to be inspired and entertained by our shows and this year’s line-up will certainly fulfill that goal.”

The highlight of this year is internationally acclaimed artist d’bi.young. d’bi has toured all over the world with her unique blend of dub poetry and theatrical performance.  Her new piece she will be performed at FemFest and will include a special performance for the Peace and Justice Society Conference.  On the local front sixteen women playwrights, ranging from seasoned writers Maureen Hunter and Margaret Sweatman to exciting emerging writers, will be launching a new anthology at FemFest. The collection of scenes is targeted at young female performers. FemFest will also continue its tradition of supporting female artists in other disciplines through its cabaret evenings.  We are excited to welcome back drumming group Insisto and alternative band Mad Young Darlings for these evenings. There is truly something for everyone! 

FemFest runs at the Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film (at the University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony Street) from September 25th-October 2nd, 2010. Tickets are $10 for single shows with the full festival being available for a $50 festival pass. FemFest welcomes all audience members to join in a celebration of female artists and experience a taste of the local and national art scene.

Check out the full brochure at: http://www.sarasvati.ca/FemFest2010%20Brochure.pdf

About Sarasvàti Productions: Sarasvàti Dramatic Theatre Productions and Repertory Inc. (founded in Winnipeg in 2000) seeks to inspire artists and audiences through the use of theatre and to provide a place where artists can develop, showcase their skills and celebrate their creativity.

About FemFest: Founded in 2003 by Sarasvàti Productions, FemFest presents the work of both established and emerging artists from across Canada. The festival’s mandate is to produce one-act plays by women and showcase women theatre artists.