Sarasvàti looking for a few great volunteers!

***FemFest 2009 is fast approaching!***

Sarasvàti Productions is currently looking for volunteers who would be willing to put up a few posters and distribute flyers in and around their community. Once the weather clears up, this is a great way to get out and go for a walk around town! If you have an hour or two to lend us a hand please contact Samantha at .

Sarasvati will be at the Winnipeg Fringe!

Sarasvati Productions will be at the 2009 Winnipeg Fringe Festival surveying theatre goers and enticing patrons about FemFest 2009 with our new, hot off the press stickers! Great theatre doesn’t end with with the Fringe!



In-House Productions

Honey and Jupiter
by Meghan Hubley (Toronto)
A young woman’s struggle with an eating disorder affects her body and her mind. When you’re stuck in the downward spiral of disease, sometimes your only friend is in your head.

The Apartment
by Trina Davies (Vancouver)
Nusreta returns from a Bosnian concentration camp to find a stranger in her apartment. Once a Chief Judge, she now finds herself on the losing side of a religious war but what has been taken hasn’t been forgotten.

Forum Theatre
by local artists and educators facilitated by Norma Bowles (Fringe Benefits, California)
FemFest will break the rules of traditional theatre with a presentation of a forum theatre piece developed with artist-in-residence Norma Bowles. What begins as a blank canvas is destined to become a piece exploring Winnipeg’s issues and what it means to be human.

One Night Stand
excerpts by five Manitoba women writers
Instant gratification, immediate feedback. Selected readings from new works in progress by Manitoban playwrights. A chance to experience the future of local theatre.

Workshop presentation:

Quite an Undertaking
by Veralyn Warkentin (Winnipeg)
Violet Guymer literally went where no woman had gone before. The extraordinary story of the first licensed female mortician in Canada.

Love For Sale
by Cairn Moore (Winnipeg)
Six women struggle with the realities of modern life within the confines of a suburban convenience store. Whether it’s motherhood, monogamy, sexuality, poverty or plastic surgery, the answers are never easy.

Readings of New Scripts in Development:

Ruthless by Debbie Patterson
Members of an all-girl punk band get the urge to head back on the road after a 15 year layoff. Is it a comeback, a farewell or even a real tour? Who’s promoting this thing?

Presented pieces:

a performance by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan
Performed by Shawna Dempsey
Produced by Finger in the Dyke Productions (Winnipeg)
Unruly is a sessional women’s studies prof by day, superhero by night. Busting bad guys! Righting wrongs! Thrills! Chills! Poetry!?! Watch her unravel feminist theory and vanquish crime, live before your very eyes!

Yoga Cannibal
Created and performed by nisha ahuja
Directed and dramaturgy by Yvette Nolan
Produced by Jungalee Gal Productions (Toronto)
*Ting!*Welcome to Omega Orange Yoga Studio, and to our most successful yogini’s class. Yes, Monica may be heartbroken, but her success, fame and patented yoga can still lead almost anyone to enlightenment – for a price. *Ting!*

Pitch Blond
Written and performed by Laura Harris
Produced by Destination Ink Productions (Victoria)
Judy Holliday, Oscar winner for 1950’s Born Yesterday, was a 170-IQ genius who specialized in playing dumb blondes – an act that held her in good stead when she was hauled before Senator McCarthy’s inquisitors.

Featuring a multiplicity of artists from all disciplines!
Join us for these two exciting variety shows, each offering a unique smorgasbord of entertainment including music, dance, theatre and film.

Plus special guest artists conducting workshops and community outreach.