Playwright’s Log – Opening Night

Opening night – an exciting, anxiety-ridden and thrilling experience for a playwright. Sometimes I think we must be masochists. It is a nerve-wracking experience watching your play performed on opening night. After years of work, hours and hours of laboring over the script, several readings and workshops… you finally find out if it works when it is before a live audience. You put it out there, your creation, for the world to judge.

Being the artistic director of the company as well as the playwright meant I had plenty of distractions the day of opening – dealing with the reception and final marketing. It also means I’ve had to wear two hats during the process and ultimately worry about both the script and the production as a whole. Lots of support from our great team though!

EDEN nightmare footage by Jordan Popowich

We certainly had a great audience to kick off the run! A full house with several of the company’s supporters and friends willing us to do well. The actors really shone and were able to feed off of that positive energy. The technical elements ran smoothly, despite the fact that the video had randomly decided to stop working mere moments before show time. Our tech genius, Chris Coyne, trouble-shot once again all the while remaining calm. It was up and running for performance. It’s amazing what he has been able to pull off in terms of video sequencing with the footage our video designer Jordan Popowich has provided.

Chris, along with myself and the director, chose to watch from the balcony. Removed from the audience so we wouldn’t need to expose everyone to our nervous energy. We all breathed a sigh of relief when it ran smoothly. Now just the rest of the run to go!

It felt great to see the play out there and all the components together. It’s thrilling, but you still second guess and see things that you may want to tweak down the road. What a crazy business this is! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the audiences respond.

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