How to Celebrate World Theatre Day!

Did you know there’s a day dedicated to theatre? There is and it’s on March 27! Created by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) this day has been used to celebrate theatre since 1962. Keep reading to find out how you can celebrate!


Anatoli Vassiliev

Each year multiple theatre companies and organizations release messages reflecting on theatre, the primary one being an international message from a selected theatre professional by ITI. This year’s message is from Russian director Anatoli Vassiliev who starts off by asking why we need theatre. He passes on many wise observations, but one of his replies to his question is this interesting thought: “Because if you take a look at all the public arts, you can immediately see that only theatre is giving us – a word from mouth to mouth…It does not need any intermediary to work among human beings.” Read his full message here!


Sky Gilbert

Closer to home, the Playwright’s Guild of Canada (PGC) released a message from Canadian playwright & director Sky Gilbert who in his own way answers the question of why we need theatre by describing someone’s journey to step out of their comfort zone and go see a play. In the second person Gilbert describes deciding to leave the house and going to a play, but “When you get there, you realize it’s not very big. Only about 30 seats. How can it be a good play if there are only 30 people watching?”. Find out what happens by reading the full message here!

So, why do you need theatre? Write a tweet, Facebook post, or blog with your own message about theatre. Or just help spread the word by using the hashtag #WTDchat and share the messages of others. The PGC in association with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatre (PACT) and l’Association des théâtres francophones du Canada (ATFC) also suggests inviting a friend who doesn’t usually go to theatre to a play with you, making a donation to your favourite local theatre, asking about volunteer opportunities with theatres, or simply wishing people a happy World Theatre Day!

In addition to reading, writing, and sharing messages, you can also go see a play! There are two showings of Prairie Theatre Exchange’s play Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts, one at 2pm and another at 7pm. This is the world premiere of local playwright Rick Chafe’s new play, which stars four local actors, and was directed by PTE’s Artistic Director Robert Metcalfe. The play follows the hilarious journey of two couples through the “emotional roller-coaster ride known as ‘renovating the kitchen’” – read more about it here and don’t miss out!

From all of us at Sarasvàti Productions, we wish you a very happy World Theatre Day!


Happy World Theatre Day!

Today is World Theatre Day! In fact it’s the 50th anniversary of World Theatre Day. It’s a time to both celebrate theatre and to recognize its contribution to the cultural fabric of our community, both local and global. Of course the best way to mark the day is by going to see some theatre. There are certainly several options in Winnipeg right now. Or if that’s not in the cards you can take a moment to read the messages written by artists to mark this important date.

John Malkovich, celebrated actor and director was asked to write the official World Theatre Day message. Here are his words to fellow theatre workers:
“May your work be compelling and original. May it be profound, touching, contemplative, and unique. May it help us to reflect on the question of what it means to be human, and may that reflection be blessed with heart, sincerity, candor, and grace. May you overcome adversity, censorship, poverty and nihilism, as many of you will most certainly be obliged to do. May you be blessed with the talent and rigor to teach us about the beating of the human heart in all its complexity, and the humility and curiosity to make it your life’s work. And may the best of you – for it will only be the best of you, and even then only in the rarest and briefest moments – succeed in framing that most basic of questions, “how do we live?” Godspeed.”
John Malkovich 

For more on the international campaign:

For Canada, read Daniel David Moses inspiring message:

Coincidentally today also marks one month from the world premiere of EDEN, a new play that marks a momentous step forward for Sarasvàti Productions as we undertake our largest project yet. We believe theatre does indeed question how we live and EDEN tackles some of the hardest questions about how we decide what is ‘right’ and ‘just’ in a complex world.

Director, Sharon Bajer has this to share: “I am very excited to be working on EDEN with such a fabulous team of artists. New plays are always wondrous because you are presenting a new work for the public for the very first time. There has been a lot of evolution in this piece and I welcome the challenge to help bring this important and epic story to life.”

Join us from April 27th to May 13th, check out the EDEN webpage for full details and to book tickets.

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