Pitch Blond at FemFest

Hello, my name is Laura Anne Harris and I am the artistic director of Destination Ink Productions. I am originally from Victoria, British Columbia, but I have recently moved to Toronto, Ontario this past fall. Destination Ink Production’s mandate is to explore historical and sociological perspectives which focus on the female experience. My main goal with my theatre company is to illuminate on female stories that have not been heard. This is the perfect segway to talk about my play, Pitch Blond.

For the past three years I have been touring my solo show, Pitch Blond, across Canada and recently had my US premiere in Orlando, Florida this past year.  I am very excited to bring the story of Judy Holliday’s courageous untold story to audiences who may know Judy Holliday and especially to those that do not know Judy Holliday.  My main goal with this show is to reveal this smart, funny and strong female historical figure to a bigger audience of various age ranges. In order to elaborate on Judy Holliday a bit further, she is an actor from the 1950s who specialized in playing dumb blondes, even though she had a genius level IQ.  When she was called to testify during the McCarthy inquisitions, she decided to play up her dumb blonde persona in order to avoid naming any names.   I feel very privileged to perform my play in Winnipeg at one of the only female orientated theatre festivals in Canada, Femfest. 

This play about Judy Holliday, is a strong example of a woman who was more feminist in her actions against the conservative times/government than any one has given her credit. When you think of the McCarthy Era, I rarely think of the female experience and this is the perfect example of a experience that was looked over in the history books.  I hope you enjoy this Winnipeg, Manitoba premiere of Pitch Blond.   
-Laura Anne Harris