The Secret Lives of FemFest Artists!

We asked the wonderful artists involved in FemFest 2014 some fun questions to learn what makes them tick. Here are a few of our favourite responses!


If you weren’t working in theatre, what would you love to do?

Alison Mclean, Playwright Skin Deep: Sometimes I think about starting a magazine, using real-sized women as models and focussing on fashion that is inexpensive and edgy. Maybe I’ll write a play about it instead…

Kaitlyn Kriss, Stage Manager for Cabarets and Shorts: I secured a management position at the ripe age of 20 and have worked 3 fringe shows (all in the same festival) while still holding down a job and not losing my mind. When I’m not working I generally can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends from 9pm till 6am

Ksenia Broda-Milian, Designer for the Naked Woman and Launched: I can’t imagine not working in theatre! If I couldn’t design, I’d like to direct and continue to teach and work as a scenic painter. I do have a degree in biology as well so I imagine if I had a non-theatre full-time job, I’d maybe be a geneticist, or studying plants

What was the last book you read?

Grant BurrGrant Burr, Actor in The Naked Woman: I just read Dr. Seuss at bedtime tonight!

What superhero would you be if you could? Or what superpower do you wish you had?

Elizabeth Whitbread, Actor in Shorts: I always love flying in my dreams. Give me some wings!

Taesia Scratch, Actor in Launched: Excellent question. Hulk Smash!


Rubena Sinha What do you want audiences to take away after viewing your work?

Rubena Sinha, Playwright and Performer in River: I want them to know that life is painful but it doesn’t have to destroy you. You can always find a way to renourish yourself.

To learn more about the rest of our faboulous FemFest artists and the work they are doing to make this year’s festival our best ever, visit our website, Make sure to purchase your FemFest tickets to the productions that interest you before they sell out.

Prose writing, jazz singing and belly dancing in our FemFest Cabarets!

A showcase of new talent, creative masterminds and artistic expression that extend beyond the realm of theatre—the FemFest cabarets are always a festival favourite. This year, our lineup of Opening and Closing Cabaret contributors is stronger than ever – and it’s not just because our festival theme is She’s Got The Power. We are very fortunate to have such a diverse group of musician, actors, visual artists, and more who will showcase their original art on September 13th and 20th at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film. As with almost all of our FemFest events, the Cabarets are only $10.00. But there are so many more reasons than just affordability to attend both of these exciting evenings…

Bizarro Obscure

Bizarro Obscure

Last year the wonderful Susan Tymofichuk of CTV Winnipeg hosted our Opening Cabaret. Susan did such a great job that we asked her to host again this year! In fact Susan’s been keeping the action packed evening moving for us for several years. At the other end of things, the hosts of our Closing Cabaret are new to the FemFest scene. Janis and Jujube of Bizarro Obscure—a five star-rated production at this year’s Fringe Festival, are sure to bring their quirky, eccentric presence to the hosting of our Closing Cabaret! We couldn’t be more excited about the super women that have agreed to facilitate these two talent showcases.

Prairie Caravan

Prairie Caravan

Within the Cabaret lineups, audiences will have the opportunity to experience a diverse range of visual art presented by local talents Alison Moore, Pamela Hadder, Janice Kenworthy and Debbie Schon. Continuing on the visual side of things, this year’s cabarets will include the work of female filmmakers Antosia Fiedur and Ali Tataryn and an all-female dance troupe, Prairie Caravan, who will liven up the Opening Cabaret with tribal belly dancing.

Melanie Dahling

Melanie Dahling


Melanie Dahling returns with her comic stylings, Teresa-Lee Cooke is back with her wonderful prose writing and you do not want to miss a special musical performance by Tiffany Ponce! Opening will also be your opportunity to see a sneak peek of what will take place during the rest of FemFest as both The Naked Women and Launched will be previewed. During the Closing Cabaret, Comedian and burlesque dancer, Heather Witherden will treat us to a hilarious dose of provocative stand-up. Of course we have not forgotten our tradition of featuring dance and Alexandra Elliot will join us hot off the heels of her Fringe hit, Adi Sara Kreindler is back by popular demand and you do not want to miss the antics of the Talentless Lumps!

The Talentless Lumps

The Talentless Lumps

There are so many enticing components of our Opening and Closing Cabarets that you will have to visit our website, for all the details. Leave a comment below letting us know what Cabaret act you can’t wait to see. We hope to see you there!

Cast of FemFest Production, Launched Announced!

What kind of relationship do you have with your siblings? Do they drive you insane? Do you think of them as your best friend—the person in this world that knows you best? Or is your relationship with your sibling best characterized as somewhere in between—a middle ground of madness.

FemFest production Launched by emerging female playwright, Tyler White, will take you inside the volatility, anger and love that is the sibling relationship. More specifically it explores siblings who have not really launched from their mother’s nest despite being in their forties. Today, we are excited to announce the cast of Launched who will be responsible for adding a little salt and pepper (literally) to the drama that demonstrates it’s never too late to start again. Read on to learn more about the cast of this humour-filled FemFest production that will have its audience members running home and hugging their families!


Taesia ScratchFeaturing Taesia Scratch as Cathy


Taesia arrived in Friendly Winnipeg two years ago from Ottawa with her husband and four children. Originally from Vancouver, she completed studies with William Davis studying all aspects of acting. Having completed school she went on to Canadian television, film and theatre festivals. She is happiest when she is doing any kind of training, and is very thankful to be part of this project.

Fun Facts:

1. If you weren’t working in theatre, what would you love to do? Theatre only. Film too, but theatre. I have four children, I love parks with them.

2. What is the last book that you read? Currently, Gulp, by Mary Roach, others, just plays.

3. What superhero would you be if you could? Or what superpower do you wish you could have? Excellent question. Hulk smash.


Cheryl GensiorekFeaturing Cheryl Gensiorek as Julia


Cheryl is thrilled to be a part of FemFest and to be cast in Launched.   Cheryl enjoys both film and theatre and is always seeking that next challenge and opportunity to grow as an actor. Her experiences with Sarasvàti have been as a performer in the staged reading of Empty, part of a winning team of So You Think You Can Act, a performer for Cabaret of Monologues and part of the shorts for last year’s FemFest.   Cheryl has appeared in the Fringe (Run Ragged Company) and The Sondheim Festival (Resonator Theatrical).

Fun Facts:

1. If you weren’t working in theatre, what would you love to do? Tough question, once you find something that you are passionate about, nothing compares.

2. What is the last book that you read? Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

3. What superhero would you be if you could? Or what superpower do you wish you had?  I wish I could go back in time and relive some of it, knowing what I know now.


Lyle MorrisFeaturing Lyle Morris as Bobby


Lyle is excited to be a part of FemFest for the first time in Launched by Tyler White! As of this writing he is in Union Station Theatre’s Shadow Spaces (Venue 11!) in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Between the Fringe and FemFest Lyle is fortunate enough to join the amazing cast for the film Intersection written by Allan Turner. Busy summer! Most of Lyle’s experience is in the indie film genre but he is enjoying being back on stage and looking forward to participating in FemFest this year.

Fun Facts:

1. If you weren’t working in theatre, what would you love to do? Work in film. Easy answer.

2. What is the last book that you read? A Complicated Kindness.

3. What superhero would you be if you could? Or what superpower do you wish you had? Apparently Spiderman is cooler – but I’ve always wanted to be Superman. The strength thing… If I couldn’t do that – I think I’d love to be invisible.

4. Anything else you’d like to add: I’m pumped to be a part of Launched. Can’t wait!


You don’t want to miss out on the world premiere of Launched, so get your tickets now! And if you have some unique salt and pepper shakers that you would love to see on stage contact us at .