Conscripted Passenger Seats and Other Production Adventures with Mittelschmerz!

Guest blogger Davis Plett gives us a behind the scenes look at the tour of Mittelschmerz, which launches FemFest with a 2:30pm performance on September 12th and plays again at 7pm on September 19th.

Spire Theatre, located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in the humble town of Gimli, has a colossal nest spiked on top of the eponymous spire and a jar of crystalized ginger abiding in the basement.

The University of Winnipeg Asper Center for Theatre has an ETC ION Control Board and a sinister looking letter opener that unexpectedly showed up in the tech booth.

In short, the one is inspiring but to be approached gingerly, and the other is a cutting edge extravaganza of Millennium Falcon proportions that all theatre goers should have their eye on.

However, despite differences in appearance and potential for deplorable puns, these two venues either have been or will soon host local writer/performer Kim Zeglinski’s Mittelschmerz, a solo performance that takes the viewer through the delights and tribulations of motherhood, middle age, and artistic aspiration. And I have borne witness to the technical sides of both productions. Continue reading

The sound of what’s to come: Hear Her Roar!

Traditional stories from Afghanistan and non-traditional teen love stories. Moving explorations of relationships between mother and daughter and an elevator dance party! At this year’s FemFest, we bring you stories of women’s resilience, voice and power! We are excited to officially announce the programming for FemFest 2015: Hear Her Roar! Our festival’s diverse line-up includes plays, workshops, as well as readings that redefine and re-imagine the status quo. Stories written by emerging and renowned female playwrights from Winnipeg, across Canada and around the world will explore the notion of female empowerment through tragedy, humour, and gravity-defying performances. The FemFest2015 website will be launched very soon but as your reward for following our blog, we are releasing the festival line-up here first! Tell us what you’re looking forward to at FemFest 2015 by tweeting at us or commenting on Facebook.

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Read on if you want an overview of the full line-up or check out our festival brochure. The full website will be up and running for June 15th! Continue reading