Our Next One Night Stand is a Fringe Frenzy!

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6364_PTE_Carol.Shields_PlayItForward_Horizontal_ColourOne Night Stand Series Producer Tatiana Carnevale has curated an action-packed afternoon of playreadings as part of the Carol Shields Festival of New Works. This special Fringe Frenzy edition features preview readings of six new plays from local companies who will be premiering these works at the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Here’s a peek at what the event has in store.

Anomie by Wren Brian
Presented by Downside Up Productions
Directed by Eric Rae
Performed by Victoria Hill & Eric Rae 

When everything is taken away, what’s left?Anomie_ONS3

Two people struggle against each other and the empty space they’re trapped in to find a way out.  Not knowing how or why they ended up in an “abyss”, the two search for meaning and understanding in their existence and in their relationship. Riffing on absurdism and existentialism (and not without a dash of humour), this play explores how we deny and deal with meaninglessness.

Harper & Row by Rebekah Enns and Sarah Flynn
Presented by Naked Theatre productions
Naked Theatre ProductionsDear Universe,
Did you know the pen is mightier than the sword? We’ve been trying to figure out what that means. Could you send us a sign, or at least some more peaches?
Signed, Harper & Row

Naked Theatre presents an original piece about two girls just trying to figure it all out. With pens as their defense against the world, all they need now is an envelope, a stamp and someone to write back.

Riot Resist Revolt Repeat by Frances Koncan
Presented by Vault Projects
Directed by Frances Koncan
Performed by Melanee Deschambeault, Sandy Klowak, Frances Koncan, Eric Rae, Karmelle Spence-Sing, and Erica Wilson

In the near-future, in a city surrounded by walls and a world where water is scarce and a Riot Resist_ONS3luxury available only to the very rich, a Revolution is beginning. Iskwe, a young Cree woman, is struggling with bipolar disorder. Her current state of depression is further complicated by the loss of sister, who went missing one year ago. While being treated in a hospital run by a white supremacist Doctor, Iskwe meets two new friends who believe her to be her sister – the missing leader of the Revolution. Together, they embark on a journey to find her missing sister and destroy the Wall that keeps them from their sacred lands, but a mysterious person known only as The Gatekeeper has other plans. As Iskwe’s mental health continues to deteriorate under discriminatory, colonial treatment methods, the boundaries between the world of the Wall and the world of the Hospital begin to disintegrate, leaving her more confused than ever… and more powerful.

(Un)Happy Medium by Heather Madill
Presented by Kiss the Giraffe Productions
Directed by Alan Mackenzie
Performed by Heather Madill, Kami Desilets, Joseph Aragon

Madill_ONS3“I’ve got two lousy roommates. They don’t pay rent, they don’t clean up, and they’re so loud I can’t hear my own thoughts. One keeps me always on edge, the other sucks my will to live. But I can’t evict them, so I’ve got to make this work somehow. I swear they’re real, but most people don’t believe these jerks can possibly exist, so I don’t usually talk about them. But today… I’m gonna have to make an exception.”

Inertia by Gislina Patterson, Davis Plett, Angelica Schwartz, and Erin Meagan Schwartz
Presented by Happy Accidents

Inertia is an experimental theatre piece devised by a collective of intermedia artists. inertia squareDeviating from narrative-lead performance, Inertia is a mediation on haunting, magic, semiconscious inheritances and predators. The collective is made up of Gislina Patterson (writer and theatre artist), Davis Plett (cultural studies academic, poet, director, musician and technical wizard), Angelica Schwartz (director, Studio58 production grad) and Erin Meagan Schwartz (improviser, theatre artist, gender studies scholar, and activist). The collective aims to deconstruct the hierarchy of theatre production and creation, queering theatre tech by attacking heteronormativity in the community and canon. Inertia draws on Shakespeare, in-yer-face theatre, and clowns.

Filter This by Craig Terlson and Reba Terlson
Presented by It’s All Relative Productions
Directed by Kaeleigh Ayre
Performed by Reba Terlson, Sam McLean, Jesse Nobess

Filter This_ONS3Olivia and Dan come from two different worlds. Olivia lives on social media, documenting every moment of her life. Dan lives without a cell phone, or anything that distracts him from being present. A chance meeting at a park, has the two wonder if they could live in each other’s world, and find a deeper connection. Along for the ride is their friend the meme, who tweets, snaps and instagrams their lives. Filter This is a comedy that asks do opposites attract? And if so, must they tweet about it?

Catch readings from each of these enticing new plays on May 13 at 3:30pm at Prairie Theatre Exchange, 3rd Floor Portage Place. Free admission. Enjoy the 2017 Carol Shields Festival of New Works!

A Speculative Dictionary of Production Terminology with A Side of Dreams

Read the latest from behind the scenes from FemFest guest blogger Davis Plett.

What do a bar stool, dream catchers, an inedible apple pie (though I had to check twice), a bed, a bone, spiders on adjustable wires, and a terrifyingly humanoid doll have in common?

I’m really not sure either.

What I do know is that they are all involved in A Side of Dreams, which opens at FemFest on September 15th at 7:00 pm at the University of Winnipeg Asper Centre for Theatre and Film. Two more performances will be held on September 16th at 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Out of this incomprehensible mass of objects, something will emerge, something that, by all indications, will be extraordinary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I encountered these items on Monday afternoon, during the tech for the show. A Side of Dreams not only has its fair share of props, but also extensively incorporates multimedia: I witnessed the techs clambering up ladders to adjust projectors, saw a fog machine lurking behind a scrim, and watched as the light design was painstakingly assembled.  Continue reading

Conscripted Passenger Seats and Other Production Adventures with Mittelschmerz!

Guest blogger Davis Plett gives us a behind the scenes look at the tour of Mittelschmerz, which launches FemFest with a 2:30pm performance on September 12th and plays again at 7pm on September 19th.

Spire Theatre, located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in the humble town of Gimli, has a colossal nest spiked on top of the eponymous spire and a jar of crystalized ginger abiding in the basement.

The University of Winnipeg Asper Center for Theatre has an ETC ION Control Board and a sinister looking letter opener that unexpectedly showed up in the tech booth.

In short, the one is inspiring but to be approached gingerly, and the other is a cutting edge extravaganza of Millennium Falcon proportions that all theatre goers should have their eye on.

However, despite differences in appearance and potential for deplorable puns, these two venues either have been or will soon host local writer/performer Kim Zeglinski’s Mittelschmerz, a solo performance that takes the viewer through the delights and tribulations of motherhood, middle age, and artistic aspiration. And I have borne witness to the technical sides of both productions. Continue reading