Everything You Need to Know About FemFest 2020

FemFest is right around the corner – seriously, it’s two days away! This year’s festival is unique for so many reasons. Not only is it Artistic Director Hope McIntyre’s final festival before Frances Koncan transitions into the role of Artistic Director, it’s also the first time we’ve had such an eclectic mix of in-person and virtual events.

Whether you want to see readings, cabarets, or full-fledged productions, or whether you want to experience the magic of live theatre or watch comfortably from your home, there truly is something for everyone. 

Let’s get into what you need to know about FemFest 2020: Engaging Community.

All three touring shows are virtual.
If you’ve been following the news, this won’t come as a shock: for the safety of the performers and creative teams, each touring show will only be provided virtually. With that said, this is still a great opportunity to indulge in nationally regarded theatre from the comfort of your home. The three touring shows are so different in tone and genre, but they’re all great theatre. bug is a solo show about a young girl and her mother fighting the effects of colonialism in their bodies.

Tita Jokes

Tita Jokes is a musical comedy revue that centres the Filipinx folks in the Tita Collective’s lives. Monstrous is a show that integrates storytelling, multi-genre dance, music, song, and projections as the protagonist sifts through the facts and fictions of her mixed-up, mixed-race family history. A ticket for each show can be bought for $15, or all three can be enjoyed with a platinum pass for $30.

There are three locations where you can see live theatre.
For those of you wanting to experience live theatre in a safe and controlled environment, there are a few different events taking place in the great outdoors. The first is a “guided theatrical experience” that will take place in Downtown Winnipeg. The show, which is called To: Morrow, has been developed by our emerging artists unit, Launchpad. This promenade-style performance will include art in all forms in unexpected places. Short performances will tackle the theme of climate change while being situated in our own downtown environment.

The Dalnavert Museum in Downtown Winnipeg

Next is one of our featured shows Alice and The World We Live In which takes place at Assiniboine Park. Starring Elena Anciro and Ray Strachan, the play is an abstract and emotional exploration of a woman’s struggle to push through the grief of losing the love of her life to a random act of terror. Finally, there are quite a few events taking place at the national historic site, Dalnavert Museum. From a live-watch viewing party of the Opening Cabaret, to readings of Agency, Shorts, and The View From Here, there’s so much great theatre to take in. Cap it off with our Closing Cabaret, a free event live at the Dalnavert as part of Culture Days. Only a small group will be accommodated for live shows, so be sure to purchase your tickets ASAP!

There are virtual workshops and presentations galore!
If you’re someone who doesn’t just want to watch theatre, but also wants to participate in it or pick the brain of someone succeeding in it, we’ve got a few workshops and free(!) presentations for you to choose from. First off: we have the perfect workshop for theatre artists with a passion for climate change. “Theatre and Climate: What Stories Do We Want to Tell?” is a workshop hosted by Chantal Bilodeau that encourages participants to take stock of the kinds of stories that are put forward by mainstream media around climate change.

Yolanda Bonnell is our Real Thing lecturer

New narratives will be explored to find a different, more positive approach. Then short performances will be created using some of the ideas they came up with. Taking place on Sunday, Sept 20 at 12:00pm, this workshop costs $15 to participate. Next, an Embodied Storytelling workshop from Sarah Waisvisz. This dynamic workshop will invite participants to use techniques from storytelling, theatre, and choreography to narrate and embody their own biographical stories. This virtual workshop takes place on Saturday, September 26 @ 11 AM and is only $15. Finally, our free lectures include Real Thing Lecture with Yolanda Bonnell and One Playwright’s Journey Through the Climate Crisis.

Like we said earlier: there really is something for everyone. With FemFest starting so soon, we hope you’ll help us spread the word, attend some shows, and take this chance to reconnect as a community. You can view the whole schedule here.

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