Looking Back on IWW18

Another International Women’s Week has come and gone! We are so grateful to everyone who helped make our Cabaret of Monologues such a success: whether you supported our “Buy a Butterfly” campaign, hosted a performance, attended the show, or were a part of the Cabaret itself: thank you all so much! With your support, we are truly unstoppable.


Our lovely wall of butterfly donations!

Here are some of the great reactions we’ve had to this year’s lineup. You can also check out our full list of video testimonials!

“This is the first time I’ve been to one of [Sarasvati’s] productions and I thought it was just awesome. Everything came together seamlessly from one piece to the next and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing each and every one of the performers. I thought it was very moving and representative of non-traditional female experiences. Thank you very much for producing such a wonderful event!” – Rebecca Cramer, Audience Member

Thank you Sarasvati Productions, Hope McIntyre, Rachel Smith, and Sandy for the opportunity to perform in tonight’s show. It was an amazing experience with amazing women!– Cynthia Fortlage, Writer/Performer, I Got 99 Problems (My Penis is Just One)

What a special day I will forever cherish and remember… Thank you to the amazing cast and crew! You are truly unstoppable! And a big THANK you to A.B. Norris – you are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to share this story. It wasn’t an easy journey on some days but your support and love made me a stronger person and better artist throughout this process.” – Monika Thurn Und Taxis, Performer, I’ve Never Been Very Good at Drawing Hearts (But I Keep Trying)

It was awesome. It’s so great to hear people go out on the stage and show us something that they’ve created and be vulnerable… I think that is so amazing and should be celebrated!– Pamela Wolk, Audience Member


The cast getting ready backstage!

Thanks to Althea Cunningham for writing such a wonderful piece… Thanks to Sarasvati Productions for taking me on, for the umpteenth time. I look forward to more productions with y’all. Thanks for the company of wonderfully talented women I shared the stage with – may we work together again. Thanks to the crew for your level-headedness, your encouragement, and your guidance throughout the performances – and car rides.Lorraine James, Performer, Sweet an Nice

So honoured to have my work out there and being performed in other cities. What a life…what a life…– Althea Cunningham, Playwright, Sweet an Nice

Hope and Anjali on Global

Anjali and Hope getting ready for their Global TV Interview

I am so full of all the wonderful ideas, writing and acting I’ve heard this afternoon! I just feel unstoppable. Sarasvati is so wonderful for providing the encouragement and the space for people to say all these things that would be left silent for so much longer. Thank you for giving us your voices- you’re wonderful!” – Beverly Grace, Audience Member

It was amazing – there were so many great performances and so much that was put into these productions. Women were putting their heart and soul into their performances to advance equality, diversity, and just be champions for women’s rights!” Rochelle Squires, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women


Lounging in the green room! (Photo: Rachel Smith)

A special thank-you to our generous donors like the Manitoba Status of Women and the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg as well as Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba for supplying our very first ASL Interpreters! Thanks to their support, we were able to provide access to those who would not otherwise have been able to attend.

Finally, thank you to all the playwrights and performers for sharing your talent with us. We could not have asked for a better team to represent the incredible diversity of female experiences. Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Cabaret of Monologues such a success!


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