Pushing Past Obstacles

Growth, change, the struggle to fit in, overcoming adversity – all universal experiences and part of what it means to be unstoppable. At this year’s International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues: I Am Unstoppable, our line-up features women of all ages and backgrounds finding the strength to face whatever life threw at them. This week we’re featuring two more exciting pieces: Perfect Pie, one woman’s description of experiencing seizures, and Flight 182, which focuses on what it means to be Canadian.

Judith Thomspson headshot 2017

Judith Thompson

The artists behind Perfect Pie are Judith Thompson, renowned Canadian playwright, and local performer Anna Binder. Perfect Pie was originally written as a monologue in 1993 before being adapted into a full-length play and later, a feature film. Thompson has won numerous awards for her work, including two Governor General’s Literary Awards for Drama and an Officer in the Order of Canada. We had the pleasure of hosting Thompson for several events at FemFest 2017 including a playwriting master class, a performance of her play Watching Glory Die, and as a ‘book’ in our Human Library.

Anna Binder headshot 2017.jpg

Anna Binder

Looking back, Binder believes she was always meant to go into entertainment as she’s always been drawn to the arts. Binder’s parents encouraged her journey into theatre after convincing her to pursue courses that really moved her. She took her first acting course at the University of Winnipeg last year and has been inspired since the first lesson.

“Although my character and I are both disabled women, my piece isn’t actually about her disability,” says Binder. “Disability is just one of the powerful vehicles the piece uses to tell a story that’s relevant to us all. Everyone has challenges that are incomprehensibly steep. To each of us are unique experiences, and part of the human condition is the decision to either tell people what you think they want to hear, or to take a leap of faith; to trust people with your vulnerabilities, then welcome whatever reactions they might answer you with.”

Anjali Sandhu headshot_2017

Anjali Sandhu

Returning for her second year at our Cabaret of Monologues is Anjali Sandhu. In addition to studying law at the University of Manitoba, Sandhu is also a comedian, actor, and writer. She performed stand-up at the SheDot Comedy Festival in Toronto as well as Sirius XM’s Next Top Comic and The Park Theatre’s Empow(her)ment. Sandhu has also appeared in our November Women’s Comedy Night fundraiser as well as The Trump Card at the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe Festival with District Theatre Collective.

Sandhu’s piece, Flight 182, takes its name from the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 and the Canadian government’s response to the incident. “It affected all Canadians, but especially the Indo-Canadian community,” says Sandhu. “As an Indo-Canadian, I was able to see myself in the situation that the protagonist of my piece is in. She is still striving to create change from a position in which most people would be ineffective.”

We look forward to presenting our entire line-up of impactful stories on Saturday, March 10th! For more information, click here.

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