Review: “Breaking Through”

An insightful response to the preview of “Breaking Through.”

Lorraine James

I’ve done several shows with Sarasvati Productions and have seen many more. I love the diversity of voices expressed in this company and that every piece challenges you to think, planting a seed about the subject matter. I never know how entertaining or educational the piece will be with any theatre until it’s finished.Going into this, I wonder if the title means to break through stereotypes about mental illness, about an individual breaking through to come out onto the other side of “sanity”, for their surrounding circle of friends and family to break through and communicate with the individual?

Breaking Throughis an hour and a half long play about a diverse group of people struggling with their mental health, finding their way to surviving every single day as they do so. Not focusing on a particular illness but commenting on how mental illness itself is being perceived. The show…

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