One Night Stands Are Back!


They’re fresh on the scene and incredibly promising, would you like to meet them?
Join us for a One Night Stand reading of works in progress and experience the future of local theatre.

Sarasvàti Productions is thrilled to be remounting the popular One Night Stand series; a series dedicated to readings of new plays in development. This time, we have engaged theatre director and producer Tatiana Carnevale to bring the event into 2016.

“I think this idea is so much fun and I am excited to introduce it to the next generation of theatre artists!” said Tatiana, who has confirmed Prairie Theatre Exchange as partner and venue host for the series.

Each One Night Stand will take place in PTE’s Colin Jackson Studio.  The evenings are designed to showcase excerpts of new plays, which will be read on stage by an ensemble of local actors.

“Each night will have five or six different scenes featured. Sometimes it will be work that has never been heard before; sometimes it may be a scene that is giving a playwright a particular bit of trouble; it may be something an author wants feedback on”,  said Tatiana, who is excited to see the response to the Call For Submissions. “Depending on the submissions we get, some nights may have a theme, like ‘monologues’ or ‘scenes by playwrights under 25’. We are open to receiving all kinds of submissions as well as ideas!”


“I am very excited about the opportunity to hear a bunch of new work in the same place – each evening will be a fantastic sampling of the wide array of emerging talent Winnipeg has to offer.” Tatiana believes the Series will fill a niche in this city. “There are other events that happen in Winnipeg that are full play readings or workshops. However there’s no event that allows playwrights and audiences to test new material and each other… I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Sarasvàti will also be looking for volunteers to lend a hand.  “Even if people aren’t playwrights there will be tons of opportunities to get involved!”, explained Tatiana.

The modern One Night Stand Series will premiere on February 2nd. If you interested in being involved, check out the Call for Submissions and contact Tatiana. Entrance to each event will be by-donation so that it can be accessible to everyone wishing to take part.


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