We’ll make you laugh. We’ll make you cry.


A mix of emotion and excitement has filled the air.

With the public readings of Breaking Through soon upon us it has been a whirlwind of enthusiastic rehearsals and encouraging community involvement.

In a few days we’ll bring five characters to life on stage. From a man living with schizophrenia to an aspiring actor’s harmful desire to lose weight, Breaking Through touches on all aspects of mental health. Pulling inspiration from the real-life stories of hundreds of individuals, we’ve created an intricate exploration of what it means to survive.  Breaking Through hopes to bust down barriers and shine a light at the end of the dreary tunnel.

With just a few days left to snag your tickets, we’ve compiled Top Six Reasons to see Breaking Through.

  1. Audiences get to be a part of the final production – After partnering with community groups and gathering hundreds of stories, the public readings are a chance for audiences to witness a dramatic re-telling of these stories and provide their own feedback. Whether it’s the way a scene is lit, the storyline of a particular character or your overall emotions afterwards, feedback will be considered for the final production of Breaking Through in May 2017.
  2. You’ll be a part of a global movement and help shine a much-needed light on mental health –Whether you are diagnosed or know someone who is, mental health affects us all. With other local and global initiatives out to spread the message of understanding, audiences can help keep mental health in the spotlight by continuing the conversation.
  3. You’ll take a walk in someone else’s shoes – As the age old saying goes, “you can’t understand a person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Breaking Through gives a unique look into the everyday lives of people living with mental illness and the often unsung heroes that are their family and friends.
  4. It can kick start your own healing – “I feel that way too!” That’s something you may blurt out at the end of the reading. Many mental health issues go untreated because people feel embarrassed or alone in the way they feel. These characters and their stories provide reassurance, offer up some peace to those in need and inspire others to seek help.
  5. It’s already a prize-winning project – Co-writer Hope McIntyre recently won the Winnipeg Foundation Fast Pitch grand prize to fund the youth adaptation of Breaking Through for a high school tour in the fall of 2016.
  6. It also includes song and dance! – It’s not all tears and fears. Weaving comedy, song and dance into the underlining story of struggle and overall triumph, Breaking Through is equally as exciting and entertaining as it is emotional.

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Breaking Through takes place May 22 to 28 at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film.  Get your tickets here or phone 204-586-2236.

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