Challenging Domestic Violence in Manitoba

We want to thank the staff and clientele at Willow Place for contributing to our #16Days MB campaign.  There are many individuals and organizations in Manitoba who are working hard to provide support to those who experience domestic violence. When it comes to prevention, their input is crucial, but perhaps none is more crucial than the insight shared by people who have experienced domestic violence personally.

Willow Place

          Poster Created by Willow Place

Krystyn is a former resident of Willow Place. She left an abusive situation and found the support she needed there. She is now pursuing her dream career. She spoke with us about her time in this Manitoba Shelter:

“Willow Place has changed my life and the way I look at domestic violence. Before I was a resident, I was scared. I was a witness to domestic violence as a toddler and I lived it later in my childhood. When I became a teenager my relationships were a lot like the relationships I had seen and lived years prior. Domestic violence became normalized to me. I never understood it, but I thought that it was something that I was doing wrong. It wasn’t. Willow Place welcomed me and my children with open arms and showed me that I do not have to be afraid–that domestic violence is not normal and I don’t have to settle for it. The staff at Willow Place were, and continue to be amazing in the lives that they help. They saved mine. Knowing that I was not the reason that domestic violence was affecting my life, I was able to move forward from it and learn to understand that I do not stand alone. There are many women, children and supports that stand with me in this difficult period in my life. I was able to build stronger and more positive support structures by allowing myself to accept that violence was in my life and that I was not going to live in its presence any longer. I know that for some it is easier said than done, however, one important note for anyone suffering from domestic violence is that you’re not alone! You are better than the abuse you have been given, and there are people to help. Willow Place is just the start of an amazing new adventure for yourself, and for your children.”

Thank you to Krystyn for sharing her experience. Thank you to Willow Place for all the work that you do.

If you are in crisis you can call the Willow Place crisis line: 204-615-0311
or call toll free: 1-877-977-0007
If you’d like to make a donation call: 204-615-0313
Or visit their website to find out more.

Shout out to everyone who participated in the 16 Days Campaign, and #16DaysMB.

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