Workin’ It Out Among Friends

Hi, I’m Angie St. Mars and I’m very excited to be the new associate producer at Sarasvati Productions. I’m involved in the theatre community in Winnipeg as a playwright, director, and actor. I’m looking forward to planning some awesome workshops this year so drop me a line at I would love to hear your ideas!

Dropping in on my very first Work It Night provided a blissful getaway from white-knuckle-watching the election coverage that evening. The room was filled with excitable energy; partially because of the imminent news, and partially because of the nerves that come with sharing new, unpolished work with other people.
I brought a scene that I had only just written the night before. Normally I re-work a scene many times before I let anyone else near it. Bringing something so fresh to Work It Night was a whole new approach for me. But after Monday night I don’t know what I’ve been so afraid of. Sharing with the group of artists in attendance was not so scary; it was actually a lot of fun.
It was good to hear the words I’d written read back to me before I’d become too attached to any of them. I feel like I expedited the process of getting that scene to where it needs to be. I received so much helpful feedback. I enjoyed being privy to other work in progress—like the last few pages of first draft novel.
I joke around about being too intimidated to bring something to an Open Door, or get up at an open mic—after all that’s what they’re for; testing out unpolished work and getting feedback. But there’s something scary about the performance aspect—the formality, the audience.
Work It Nights are a good place to try something out that you’re too afraid to try out at an open mic. They are relaxed. There is no stage to take. You are among a small group of artists of all sorts of mediums who are also testing out material. You can be as performative or as laid back as you like.

Plus, let’s get real. Artists don’t produce endings, deadlines do. Work It Night lit a fire under my butt and I’m grateful to be writing again. What a productive Monday! This season’s Work It Nights are as follows. Come and join us at 245 McDermot Avenue.
November 16
December 14
January 18
February 15
March 21
April 18

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