Dance-Off Doesn’t Disappoint

We were so pleased to have guest blogger Meg Crane writing responses to FemFest shows this year! She rounds out the series with her thoughts on the world premiere of the Dance-Off of Conscious Uncoupling by Frances Koncan.

Even before the actors speak, memories of high school prom might start flooding in.

Silver balloons floating up towards hanging silver streamers. A bowl of (soon to be spiked) punch. The dress and suit that are too fancy for a school gym. The gym itself that somehow feels like a different place with the spinning disco ball and music.

The characters, played by Montana Lehmann and Solmund MacPherson, awkwardly dance in the way only young people can dance while still being adorable.

Eliza is overpowering and opinionated, like many young feminist women in relationships many of us may have gone to high school with. But there’s a vulnerable, frightened side that comes out if you dig deep enough, in just the right way.

Ezra seems timid in the relationship and maybe too willing to please. He ignores his first instincts and tries to act how he thinks he should to be the man he wants to be. But he’s still a boy and that is all too clear by his idealized vision of his future with Eliza.

The uncoupling couple goes between intelligent, bordering pretentious, conversations and throwing low blows at one another. The audience’s stuttering laughters of pity were evidence that they might be reminiscing on this embarrassing immaturity that comes with youth.

The third speaking role on stage was Mr. K, played by Lyle Morris, the high school teacher many of us may have had who was easy to relate to and sometimes interacted with us more on a friend level, but never forgot that wasn’t his role.

As emotions flew on stage, audiences may have been brought back to the ups and downs of their high school, and prom, experiences.

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There are two final chances to catch the show on September 18th at 9pm and September 19th at 4pm.

Written by Frances Koncan, this play is the result of last year’s Bake Off and it likely fulfilled expectations of those who voted for it.