What Was Cooked Up at the Bake-Off?

Did you miss the excitement at our annual Bake-Off? Guest blogger Meg Crane has summed it up beautifully!

The Bake Off is another unique FemFest experience.

Each year, five playwrights are chosen to participate in the competition, which ends with one winner whose show is performed the following year. The FemFest 2014 Bake Off winner being performed this year is the Dance-Off of Conscious Uncoupling.

For FemFest 2015, the five chosen women had eight hours to write a 10 minute scene that involved three ingredients: red line, yellow submarine and hysterical.

1. Sherry MacDonald
In this girl’s reformatory, the uteri of hysterical girls are removed. A bloody sheet remains in the bed of a girl whose surgery clearly did not go well.

2. Andraea Sartison
Sartison had arguably the best use of the yellow submarine. Pulled by 100 horses, a woman in cowboy boots and goggles rode a submarine to get revenge on the sheriff who banned women from a town in Saskatchewan.

3. Phyllis Heltay
A moudly, yellow submarine sandwich appears on a women’s bed just before aliens abduct her. Or do they? Her mother doesn’t believe, but the matching red lines on their arms tell another story.

4. Terrie Todd
Are they following the red line on the map or the blue line? Mother and daughter argue as the mother’s mother sings a few tunes and the daughter’s daughter complains about her dead cellphone.

5. Kerri Twigg
When her boyfriend leaves a coffee stain on the desk she’s about to sell for $4,000 dollars, she puts a red line on the ground around it to show him where he’s not allowed to be.

These are just a few creative examples of how the playwrights used a couple of their ingredients. Wish you hadn’t missed out? Make sure to catch next year’s Bake Off.

Sherry MacDonald accepts the Janet Taylor Bake-Off Award

Sherry MacDonald accepts the Janet Taylor Bake-Off Award

And watch out for MacDonald’s show at FemFest 2016 where we’ll find out what happens to the characters contemplating escape from the reformatory.