The Club – A Theatre Experience Unlike Any Other by Meg Crane

We are pleased to welcome guest blogger Meg Crane, who will be writing reviews for FemFest throughout the coming week! Check out her take on The Club, which sold out its first run on September 12th.

National Elevator 2 - 3 Shots - 04croppedA play in an elevator may make some cringe, but the loud music, dancing cast and flashing lights in The Club distract from the tight space. And if you’re not expecting all this, the confusion about what’s going on will as well.

The elevator project’s two shows are set in, well, an elevator. An usher leads the small audience of five or six to the doors and in they go for 10 minutes.

In The Club, the acting is so well done, there were moments near the beginning when it was difficult to tell who had been last minute additions to the audience, who had stumbled on the elevator accidentally and who was actually a part of the play.

As it turns out, even audience members were a part of the show, being invited to join in a dance party, conga line and more.

While it starts out like a party, it ends on an intense and emotional note that isn’t expected, but that brings the audience back down before they head out into the real world.

Audience interaction isn’t intense or even necessary, beyond the conga line, so this show shouldn’t turn off the shy who prefer to sit back and watch the show.

The Club is one of two shows being performed in the elevator. Whichever you choose, it’s a theatre experience unlike any other and not one to miss at this year’s FemFest.

There is one more chance to catch The Club on Tuesday, September 15th either at 5:30pm or 8:15pm. The other elevator play, Closed for Urgent and Extraordinary Work runs Sunday, September 13th at 7pm or Monday, September 14th at 5:30pm or 8:15pm.

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