Bake-Off Burn-Out

Ever wonder what it would be like to bake a play in a day? Last Friday our Bake-Off playwrights were given this great challenge. With three ingredients – yellow submarine, hysteria, red line – off they went with a deadline of 7pm and very little guidance. We asked them to give us updates and here’s the series of check-ins we received from our five playwrights!

Bake-Off Meeting

Kerri Twigg
Being a weekday, poor Kerri had to work all day, but that didn’t stop the ideas from percolating:

1:03pm Spent the walk back to work thinking about how to incorporate the ingredients. Stuck on how to use Yellow Submarine without making it a gag. Using my lunch break to get some words on paper.

5:22pm After working all day, just getting to put words down now…oh the pressure, it all sounds great in my head.

6:05pm 5 pages written! Cleaning it up and talking aloud a lot. My family is giving me space, because I ordered them pizza.

7:00pm Voila! Thank you for the challenge and opportunity.

Sherry MacDonald
Being in Vancouver, Sherry had to start her day earlier than the others to Skype in to our initial meeting.

11:15am   Wikipedia is my new best friend.

12:26pm  Should I make a cup of coffee and then try writing a few lines of dialogue? Or should I try writing a few lines and then reward myself with a cup? No, I’ll have the coffee FIRST. And a muffin. Feeling like Nicholas Cage’s character in Adaptation.

12:29pm  Husband ate the last muffin. A pox on him! (does anyone say ‘a pox’ anymore? And more importantly can I work it into the scene?) Getting off track now. Time for (another) break. Definitely Nicholas Cage.

4pm . . . To crack the wine or not to crack the wine. That is the question.

6:29pm One last read through. 2nd glass of wine so who knows what it’ll sound or look like.

6:59pm Okay guys, you asked for it! Attached is my scene titled “The Seduction Theory”. Phew! only minutes to go (actually only one).

Terrie Todd
This was her second Bake-Off, so did she have more of a game plan? She did meet our deadline and managed to also write a blog post about it –

3:58pm First draft done. All three ingredients used. Now for a nap.

5:30pm Nap over. Back to it.

6:20pm I think I’m done too. Hungry for a submarine sandwich for some strange reason. This has been a hoot.

6:51pm Here’s mine.

Phyllis Heltay
She was tweeting updates throughout the day:

11:02pm Hoping the muse arrives NOW!

12:15pm Smoke comin’ out of my ears from the burning brain cells!

6:11pm Stick a fork in me, I think I’m done (or done in!) I’m doing a spell check then sending it in before I do more damage.

7:07pm I crossed the “red line” into “hysteria” about an hour ago. Getting into my “yellow submarine” now.

Andraea Sartison
She was the first to send her piece in, maybe because she didn’t get distracted by sending us updates!

5:37pm I am alive! Here you go! Sorry I was so silent… but I had fun!

With the inaugural Janet Taylor Award incentive we had an amazing number of talented playwrights apply and the five selected have written inventive and imaginative pieces. You will definitely want to join us for the staged readings on September 14 at 7pm to see what they all came up with. Then vote for your favourite one! Admission is pay what you want, but it is a popular evening so get your tickets now!

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