The sound of what’s to come: Hear Her Roar!

Traditional stories from Afghanistan and non-traditional teen love stories. Moving explorations of relationships between mother and daughter and an elevator dance party! At this year’s FemFest, we bring you stories of women’s resilience, voice and power! We are excited to officially announce the programming for FemFest 2015: Hear Her Roar! Our festival’s diverse line-up includes plays, workshops, as well as readings that redefine and re-imagine the status quo. Stories written by emerging and renowned female playwrights from Winnipeg, across Canada and around the world will explore the notion of female empowerment through tragedy, humour, and gravity-defying performances. The FemFest2015 website will be launched very soon but as your reward for following our blog, we are releasing the festival line-up here first! Tell us what you’re looking forward to at FemFest 2015 by tweeting at us or commenting on Facebook.

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Read on if you want an overview of the full line-up or check out our festival brochure. The full website will be up and running for June 15th!

A Side of Dreams Written and Directed by Jani Lauzon (in collaboration with the team) Trauma can silence the best of us, but as Haisa and her daughter Aina discover, the spirit of the Dreamcatcher can be awakened with prayer and the ancestors you meet may not be what you expected. Incorporating aerial hoop, puppetry, a rich sound design, projection and text, A Side of Dreams is a visual feast and a surprisingly emotional journey through unconscious memory.
Mittelschmerz (Middle Pain) Written and Performed by Kim Zeglinski Take a ride down the slippery slope of the other side of the hill in this jam-packed hour of shoot-from-the-hip-replacement truth-telling! With storytelling, monologue, & spoken word; Zeglinski weaves a witty exploration of motherhood & middle age. Comic, dramatic, always truthful; this dramedy will leave audiences in stitches & tears.
Sitaraha – The Stars Written and Performed by Monirah Hashemi The story of three women, Halima, Sara and Gul Begum who have experienced war throughout their lives in three historical periods in Afghanistan. Under the oppression of religion and power, they try to keep their stories alive as they intertwine their dances and songs together.
The National Elevator Project Conceived and Created by Heather Inglis Theatre Yes fearlessly engages audiences in artistic events that surprise, challenge and empower, creating regional and national cultural conversations. We value and honour art and artists as forces that provoke insight and dialogue about complexities of modern life. Theatre Yes’s National Elevator Project is a series of 16 short play between 3-12 minutes in length that require audience members to ride elevators with actors placing them in the thick of one-of-a kind performance experiences. Two of the elevator plays will be presented as part of FemFest 2015.

The Dance-Off of Conscious Uncoupling by Frances Koncan (last year’s Bake-Off winner) “Eliza and Ezra are a high school power couple, but now, on the evening of their senior prom, Eliza has decided it’s time to move on. An irreverent comedy about growing up and moving on, inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow.”

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Workshop presentation of #Perfect by Andraea Sartison and Monique Marcker Staged readings of Irony: A Tragic Comedy about Life and Death by Terrie Todd and Stigma by Cairn Moore The annual Bake-Off, coordinated and directed by Cairn Moore, in which selected playwrights are given a list of ingredients and have two weeks to mix up a script! As always, FemFest15 will include excerpts from scripts from the FemFest shortlist, artist workshops and Cabarets with live music, film and visual art from incredible Winnipeg artists. We can’t wait to hear you roar!

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  1. Can’t wait to see your show Frances! A show on an elevator…that is crazy…in the best way possible!

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