5 Reasons Not to Miss Miss N’ Me

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It’s been a wild ride to put up the world premiere of Catherine Banks’ hilarious play Miss N’ Me, but the plumbing van is raring to go tonight and here are several reasons why you should hitch a ride:

  1. Clowns, Mermaids and Shakespearean Lovers: If nothing else, this play has a fascinating, fantastical group of characters who are full of some very sound advice.
  2. Missy Style: Whether you’ve been following our promo contests or not, you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting down to the hip hop grooves. Like our playwright Catherine Banks realized while creating this script: “What is it with Missy Elliott and 50-year-old white women?” Missy Elliot has something to offer to everyone plus the play incorporates music by Just TV and local songstress Tiffany Ponce.
  3. It’s the final show of another spectacular Sarasvàti season: if you enjoyed FemFest 2014, the International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues and the tour of Giving Voice, come see the last show on our schedule. And if you’ve missed them all, what are you waiting for??
  4. World Premiere! The cool cachet of being the first audience to watch this play by a two-time Governor General’s Award winner – need we say more?
  5. Self-discovery: Behind the absurdist elements of this script, there is a message that we can all relate to about finding our truest self. Watching Dawna’s journey to meet her idol Missy Elliot may be just the encouragement you need to start your own road trip.

Miss N Me runs May 21-31 at the U of W Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (400 Colony Street). Tickets are $20 for adults and just $15 for students and seniors. Book now so you don’t miss out!