The Power of Story

SNA BB session7There have been tears, inspiration and a lot of laughter. It’s been an amazing few months working with the community. We’ve conducted theatre workshops with Spence Neighbourhood Association’s Building Belonging program and learned that kids love to play potatoes. In fact they’ve requested that the potato be a character in the play we are creating! We’ve also done two workshops with Girls Night through SNA. We have facilitator Spenser Payne working to edit together a film they created in our screen acting session last week. There was a soccer injury, a craving for chicken, zombies and dancing. We can’t wait to see what Spenser comes up with to show the girls next week.

SNA BB session

Then there have been the powerful storytelling workshops in partnership with West Central Women’s Resource Centre. As part of an Intergenerational Indigenous Storytelling Project, we’ve been honoured to work with an amazing group of adult women. They have jumped right in as actors, relishing the opportunity to play, opening up to share very personal stories and proving that all good theatre comes down to a powerful story. We only wish we had more than six weeks to spend with these wonderful women. In addition, we’ve been working with youth to hear their perspective. We’ve met youth who have it all figured out and others who are struggling and not quite able to look ahead towards a future. Yet, they all demonstrate amazing creativity.

On April 27th at the West End Cultural Centre we will be presenting the work from the Intergenerational Indigenous Storytelling Project for the public. Doors will open at 7pm for a 7:30pm start time. The presentation will include music, visual art and theatrical presentations compiling the stories of women and youth.  What are the lessons that these women have learned in their lives? What advice do they have for the next generation? What are the questions youth have about their future? What do they wish they knew about their lives? Come and see these questions explored in a powerful and real way.

As artists this work is a reminder of how important it is for everyone to tell their story and be heard!


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