IWW SuperWomen Lift Up Communities

Rebellious Isobel Gunn, feisty Zelda Fitzgerald, and powerful Glory Girl are on the loose and are spreading a message of empowerment! For all of International Women’s Week these fascinating characters, and others, will be doing community performances around Winnipeg and surrounding areas in addition to the two public performances on March 7th at 4pm and 8pm. Keep reading to learn more about the community performances!

sarasvati (3)

Sarasvati SuperWoman – Designed by Emily Ormonde

Sunday, March 1st 3-5pm the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba fundraiser will be showcasing “At the Gate” and “Zelda with a Z”. This Council does a lot to help women empower themselves, their families and society. If you want to support the Council and hear two great monologues click here!

Monday, March 2nd 12:30pm Portage Place Shopping Centre is hosting us again for “Glory Bound” “Zelda with a Z” “Loretta” and “John Fubbister”, this performance is free and open to the public!

Monday, March 2nd 7:30pm Rainbow Resource Centre is having us present “John Fubbister” at their Youth Drop In session. This performance will be followed by a talkback with actor Mallory James and playwright Sandy Klowak. We are very excited to be presenting at Rainbow Resource Centre for the first time!

Tuesday, March 3rd 10am this lucky U of M History Class will be getting an intimate performance of “John Fubbister” to help bring the history of Canada to life.

Tuesday, March 3rd 4:30pm will be the first of two performances the U of M Womyn’s Centre is hosting. First up is “Glory Bound” “John Fubbister” “Zelda with a Z” “Mutated” and “Loretta”

Wednesday, March 4th at 10:30am we are happy to be making our first visit to Siloam Mission to present “An Inheritance,” “Zelda with a Z” and “Loretta”

Thursday, March 5th 6pm we will be performing the unique monologue, “Mutated,” for the Cancer Care Young Adult Support Group. This is our first performance at Cancer Care and it will be followed by a talkback with actor Jenna Hill and assistant director Rachel Smith!

Anna Pazdzierski of Nova House in Selkirk and Kaeleigh Ayre, Andrea Houssin, Victoria Hill in 2014

Anna Pazdzierski of Nova House in Selkirk and Kaeleigh Ayre, Andrea Houssin, Victoria Hill in 2014

Thursday, March 5th 7pm is our first out of town performance where we will be visiting Nova House Women’s Shelter fundraiser in Selkirk. We will perform four monologues, “An Inheritance” “John Fubbister” “Glory Bound” and “Loretta”!

Friday, March 6th 2:30pm is our second performance at the U of M Womyn’s Centre where we will be presenting the rest of the monologues: “An Inheritance” “At the Gate” “Urban Nun” and “Of Heart and Tree”

Sunday, March 8th 2pm is our second out of town performance. We will be driving out to Genesis House Women’s Shelter for their fundraiser in Winkler. We will be performing three monologues for them: “Of Heart and Tree” “An Inheritance” and “Zelda with a Z.” Click here for more info!

To see all of these amazing monologues performed be sure to mark your calendars for March 7th, we have a show at 4pm and another at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now and are available online here or by phoning 204-586-2236! We tend to sell out, so get them sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

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