SYTYCA Presents: Rana Bokhari

Today we are pleased to present the first of our seven celebrity participants in our 4th annual So You Think You Can Act fundraising event! This year’s theme is Power Play, something Rana Bokhari is used to as the leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party. She is the youngest person to ever lead the provincial party as well as the first of South Asian descent to lead any political party in Manitoba. With her passion and ambition she is sure to give the other competitors a run for their money! Keep reading to learn more about Rana!

RANA BOKHARI – Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party
RanaBorn and raised on a family farm in Anola, Rana Bokhari learned the value of hard work at an early age. After helping out with the family business during her early adult years, Rana decided to take the academic route. She attended the University of Manitoba, where she earned three degrees including a law degree. Having always displayed a passion for public service, she decided to make a more active contribution to public life in Manitoba. After working with the Manitoba Liberal Party for years, Rana declared her intentions to lead the party. Now, as elected leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, Rana is determined to work tirelessly to reach out to Manitobans across the province and give them a more viable option for a better Manitoba.

While we’re not ready to reveal the whole scene line up that our celebrities will be performing, we do know what scene Rana will be acting in! It should be very familiar to Winnipeggers as Theatre by the River produced it a few years ago and Theatre Projects Manitoba featured this play in their October Salon celebrating the playwright Michael Healey! Can you guess which play of his it is?

Find out for yourself on February 18th! Tickets for So You Think You Can Act can be purchased online here or by calling our office at 204-586-2236. Get tickets now before they sell out!

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