Super Women in Monologue Form

By Victoria Hill


Sarasvàti Productions’ International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues is back, with an incredible lineup for 2015! The theme this year is Super Women, which can mean incredibly different things to different people as we learned from the richly diverse selection of monologue submissions we received. It’s not just sword wielding dragon slayers with capes (which is exactly how I picture my mother in ultra super-hero form), but an array of powerful, provocative, confused, and of course heroic women who paint the canvas that is to be this year’s exciting show. The Cabaret will feature the work of Canadian playwrights brought to life by Winnipeg’s local talent. What makes a woman super? Here is a synopsis of the 9 monologues we have chosen to represent this year’s theme at the Cabaret of Monologues:


At the Gate by Sandra Drag
A remarkable woman’s tale of wrestling a family away from a horrific car accident. Poetically and ambiguously weaved, the story is related with increasing difficulty, until the truth unfolds.


The Autism Monologues by Christine Rodriguez
A mother attempts to make sense of her autistic son’s life through this heart-wrenching story


Zelda with a Z, by Frances Koncan
The audience becomes… the audience, of a talk show! Zelda with a Z, is an exuberant and flustered host as she talks to us about her life with writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Glory Bound by Scott Douglas
A comic book come to life! Glory Girl attempts to escape her captors, but is she really bound against her will?


Loretta by Step Taylor
Loretta lies to her drug addict son about losing her job so that he can focus on passing his exams and graduating, but the jig is now up.


An Inheritance by Jennica Grienke
Get to know a little girl struggling with the death of her mother and a new understanding of what her father truly is. Meet a young woman, angry with God, and faced with a horrifying decision. Now meet Ida, reliving her trauma in the hopes of healing before it’s too late.


John Fubbister (also known as Isobel Gun) by Sandy Klowak
They said it was impossible- that the grueling work of a fur trader in the wilds of Rupert’s Land would break a European woman like a twig. Not if Isobel Gunn has anything to say about it.


Mutated by Carly Pokoradi
Travel the world! Go on adventures! Have a f$*k ton of… well, never mind. Bea’s exciting life plans are put on hold when she’s faced with a life-altering situation.


Urban Nun by Dave Carley
Probably the coolest nun at the convent in her day, this wildly rebellious woman reveals her thoughts on life and God through her time at the nun retreat.


Photos from last year’s IWW Cabaret of Monologues: Rise Up!

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