Lonely Cats and Rockford Files – The Life of a Festival AD

Late Night Confession from Artistic Director Hope McIntyre
– September 8, 2014

It’s 10pm. I’m writing a blog. I have the Rockford Files theme song stuck in my head. I am surrounded by papers. Items on my task list seem to be multiplying like bunnies. When I eventually go to bed, I will remember something I forgot to do. I am the Artistic Director of a festival!

How did I end up here… I simply wanted to support female playwrights. Twelve years later, about a hundred plays, several hundred artists later and FemFest is a living being. A beautiful, crazy, awe-inspiring, incredible monster. I’m so excited to share the amazing work we’ve been creating and that we are bringing to town. Yet, the exhaustion starts to set in now that we are in tech and we get a little giddy. I pray for more time, for more tickets to be sold, for smooth performances, for a success!

Okay, here’s a snapshot of where things are at, but first why the Rockford Files – you’ll have to see The Naked Woman to find out!

IMG-20140908-00155Yes, I have resorted to writing on my hand to remember things. I’m old school.

IMG-20140908-00156 Raffle prizes waiting to be packaged. Amazing stuff collected by our Marketing and Community Outreach summer student, Molly Karp, who is now back in school. We miss her!IMG-20140908-00159Things waiting to be put away, packed up to go to the theatre…the storage/sewing/extra room in the office.IMG-20140908-00157Board member Patrick McCauley is working to confirm and coordinate with all of our fabulous volunteers!IMG-20140908-00158Welcome packages put together by our Production Assistant Erin Laforet. Out of town guests are already arriving! They’ll be surprised by the fact that it feels like winter is already coming to Winnipeg.IMG-20140908-00168My stash of tea! I’m on a chai kick right now.IMG-20140908-00160What I pulled from my untended garden at 9pm tonight.IMG-20140908-00166 IMG-20140908-00161My lonely cats.

Don’t make it all be in vain – come out and see the festival! Opening Saturday and running until September 20th. Get your tickets on-line or give us a call at 204-586-2236.