The Fefu Journey Begins

After much preparation, rehearsals for Fefu and Her Friends began this week. What a joy and challenge to tackle this multi-layered and rich script by Maria Irene Fornes and to do so with such an amazing team of artists!

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“If art is to inspire us, we must not be too eager to understand. If we understand too readily, our understanding will, most likely, be meaningless. It will have no consequences. We must be patient with ourselves.” – Maria Irene Fornes

Fornes is a provocateur and Fefu and Her Friends is no exception as one of the first site specific plays in the US canon. The mischief and delight that Fornes shows in her theatricality translates in to the play with shifts between playful and delving in to the depths of human experience. As the team has explored the script in the last few days it is clear that Fornes is a powerful writer. Her use of magical realism is captivating, yet despite writing over 50 works, winning 8 Obie’s including the 1982 sustained achievement award “for the wit, imagination, and social outrage she has brought to off-Broadway for twenty years” she is not a well-known writer. Her work challenges artists and audiences. Sugarcoating is not part of Fornes’ recipe, but her plays do not preach rather they ask us to look at things anew. We find moments of joy and tap in to a deeper level of consciousness.

“If you have imagination, you can write about things with imagination. I am so amazed when people say – and they say over and over and over – that in spite of the fact that I didn’t seem to be following any of the rules, my play was very moving. What do they think the theatre is? A baseball game? I don’t even know what rules they are talking about. I think that if I had known those rules, I may have never written a play.” – Maria Irene Fornes

This is an experience you do not want to miss. With the wonderful cast, a beautiful heritage house setting and an opportunity to encounter the work of one of theatre’s most unique voices…plus only 60 seats per performance. Get your tickets now!

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