Going Forward with Giving Voice

Giving VoiceWe are thrilled with the amount of people who came out to see our workshop presentation of Giving Voice at FemFest 2013: Revelation and Revolution! The comments and feedback we have received from audience members have been helping us revise and move forward with the project. With a school tour set for the fall of 2014, we have plenty of work to do! One of our upcoming goals is to take the revised script into high schools this November for a “test” workshop presentation. From there, we will ask students and educators for their feedback and advice and work to complete a fully revised version of the script. Are you interested in learning more? Keep reading for more information on the project, ways you can contribute, and what people are saying about this unique and relevant piece of theatre created by youth who have shared their stories and experiences with us.

What is Giving Voice?

logoGiving Voice is a new play developed with VOICES: Manitoba Youth in Care Network. It was created in the Forum Theatre method through various workshop sessions with youth who have experience in care. It is an interactive piece and explores issues that youth in care have had to deal with from the stigma of being in care to the transition to adulthood after care. According to an article published in the Winnipeg Free Press earlier this year, Manitoba has the highest rate of youth in care in Canada. It also stated that a First Nations youth is four times more likely to enter into foster care due to abuse and neglect. With Giving Voice, We hope to begin a conversation about the state of Manitoba’s foster care system from the perspective of someone who has, or is currently experiencing it.

What is Forum Theatre?

Movement BrainstormForum Theatre is a type of theatre created by the innovative practitioner Augusto Boal as part of what he calls “Theatre of the Oppressed”. While practicing earlier in his career, Boal would apply “simultaneous dramaturgy‟. In this process the actors or audience members could stop a performance and attempt to change the outcome of what they were seeing. This was an attempt to bring audience members into the performance and give them input into the dramatic action they were watching. Students experience and develop a deeper sense of awareness when given the opportunity to contribute and reflect, which is a necessary and an important aspect of the drama curriculum. In this method, students are encouraged to step outside themselves and to explore different ways of thinking and being.

Have you done projects like this in the past?

Yes! Projects like No Offence…, and last year’s Diss are all youth based forum theatre pieces which have successfully toured to various Manitoba high schools. Although not interactive, Ripple Effect was also created through community collaboration.

What are others saying about Giving Voice?

“I applaud Sarasvàti for bringing attention to this very important area, and efforts to raise awareness.”

“Great play for High School students. I think this would be great for them to see this! Great acting and commitment.”

“I think that this type of show could be very successful in a high school setting. The crowd interaction and humour sets it apart from similar shows.”

How can I help?

We are currently in the process of contacting local high schools who would be interested in hosting a FREE test workshop presentation of Giving Voice in late November. If you are an educator, or know someone who is, and are interested in bringing this script into your school, please contact us by calling our office at (204) 586-2236 or by e-mailing info@sarasvati.ca. If you would like to make a donation to help support Sarasvàti Productions in our goal to produce theatre which inspires dialogue and explores issues that youth are facing, please visit our donation page by clicking here.

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