Guest Speaker, brochure, and schedule, oh my!

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out our exciting FemFest 2013: Revelation & Revolution lineup. If you want to schedule your time in advance, here is the breakdown of the week’s performances, readings, and workshops. The full brochure is also now available. So many wonderful things to see! What are you the most excited for?

We are also very excited to announce our guest artist for FemFest 2013. She was off in Berlin and so was confirmed after the brochure went to print, but we couldn’t be happier to welcome Djanet Sears to Winnipeg to conduct a masterclass for playwrights, read from her work and speak at the University of Winnipeg. She is a Governor General’s Literary Award winner for Harlem Duet and one of the leading African Canadian writers for the stage. She is an award-winning director, and has several acting nominations to her credit for both stage and screen. Her own work explores the passionately complex spaces where race and gender intersect. Djanet is one of the driving forces behind the AfriCanadian Playwrights’ Conference Festival, a celebration and examination of African diasporic writing for the stage in Canada. Book the dates off in your calendar now to be sure you do not miss out! 

Guest Speaker Djanet Sears

Guest Speaker Djanet Sears

FemFest 2013 – Schedule

All events are at the University of Winnipeg Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (400 Colony Street). 


1pm     (reading) Perfect Love by Talia Pura
3pm     (workshop presentation) Giving Voice
7pm     Opening Cabaret and Reception


1pm     (workshop) Producing A Hit! Independent Theatre Production facilitated by Christine Rodriguez
3pm     Playwriting Masterclass with Djanet Sears
7pm     Harold and Vivian by Jessy Ardern
9pm     Flood Control by Marilyn Anne Campbell


3pm     Playwriting Masterclass with Djanet Sears continued
7pm     (readings) Bake-Off
9pm     Harold and Vivian


5pm     Djanet Sears Reading and Reception
7pm     Dreaming in Autism by Christine Rodriguez
8:15pm     Shorts
9pm     Flood Control


12:30pm     The Real Thing Lecture with Djanet Sears
sponsored by The University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre and Film
2:30pm     Dreaming in Autism
7pm     Dreaming in Autism
8:15pm     Shorts
9pm     pomme is french for apple by liza paul and bahia watson


2:30pm     (workshop presentation) Giving Voice
7pm     Flood Control
8:15pm     Shorts
9pm     pomme is french for apple


7pm     The Aftermath
8:15pm     Shorts
9pm     pomme is french for apple


2:30pm     (reading) Sisters Inc by Rita Deverell
4pm     Harold and Vivian
7pm     The Aftermath
8:15pm     Shorts
9pm     Closing Cabaret and Reception

For more information on FemFest 2013 go to our website

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