‘Jail Baby’ panels tackle crime and prevention!

Earlier this week we announced the roster of Winnipeg lawyers who will be participating in Jail Baby in special cameos. We are also excited to announce the incredible list of professionals, experts and individuals who will be participating on panels throughout the run of the show!

We have been fortunate enough to work with amazing and dedicated members of the justice community, from lawyers and judges to community outreach personnel, throughout the course of development for Jail Baby. Their expertise and our mutual desire to have these issues brought to the forefront of public discussion are the reason that Jail Baby has garnered such attention and praise.

We are particularly excited to have such a variety of panelists featured throughout the run of the show. We believe we have created a line-up of experts that truly reflect the wide variety of viewpoints on issues such as access to Aboriginal justice, the connections between incarceration, the effects of incarceration on children and how we find the balance between safety and justice in Canada.

Panels will take place almost immediately after each performance (9:15pm May 17-25, 3:15pm May 19). Tickets are still available for most shows – though they are going fast! Visit www.sarasvati.ca or call 204-586-2236 for yours today!

For the full list of panelists and topics covered, read on!

May 17: What are the connections between being poor and marginalized and ending up incarcerated?: lawyer Saul Simmonds, Dianna Bussey (Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services) and Tracy Booth (Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba)

May 18: Why is there such a high correlation between being Aboriginal, incarcerated and having a substance abuse problem?: Tracy Booth (Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba), Marcie Tavares and Tina Chartrand (Ka Ni Kanichihk) and a participant from our original drama sessions (inside correctional facilities)

May 19: Why do so many women cycle in and out of the system, from foster care, to juvenile detention to adult correctional facilities? Is there a revolving door? What are the needs of women being released back to the community and what programs exist?: Tammy Reimer (SAGE House), Jane Runner (Transition, Education and Resources for Females) and a participant from our original drama sessions (inside correctional facilities)

May 21: How do we find the balance between safety/security and justice in Canada?: Megan Bowman (Mediation Services Winnipeg), Debra Parkes (Robson Hall Faculty of Law) and Constable Rose Ledoux (Winnipeg Police Services)

May 22: How can we move towards a healing and restorative model of justice?: Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg (host), Marcie Tavares and Tina Chartrand (Ka Ni Kanichihk) and Kevin Brousseau (Assistant Commissioner, RCMP)

May 23: Will building more prisons solve our problems and make our communities safer?: Michael Champagne (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities), Amanda Sansregret (Legal Aid Manitoba) and Megan Bowman (Mediation Services Winnipeg)

May 24: Punishment or Rehabilitation?What is the focus of the Canadian correctional system?:: Jason Burnstick (Onashowewin) and Glenn Morison (Open Circle)

May 25: Caring for the Children: The difficulties of finding a stable foster home for children when their parents are incarcerated: Dawn Lavand (Indian and Metis Friendship Centre) and Marie Christian (Voices: Manitoba Youth in Care)

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