SYTYCA presents: Marcy Markusa

SYTYCA 2012 bannerToday we feature yet another Winnipeg celebrity who has risen to the challenge of appearing on stage for the first time! As part of our 2nd annual So You Think You Can Act fundraiser, we are delighted to be presenting an array of celebrites who wear many hats! Marcy Markusa is certainly a local favourite and you don’t want to miss seeing her play ‘dowdy’ Ivy in August: Osage County opposite Jane Burpee. Jane was paired last year with her son Ace who ran away with the glittering trophy.

Marcy Markusa:

Marcy MarkusaCo-host of the weekday morning radio show on CBC Radio One, 89.3 FM / 990 AM in Winnipeg, Marcy Markusa has been with CBC since 2001. Marcy has recently won a Gabriel Award in 2012 for hosting a CBC Radio One special titled, Resolve. Before joining CBC, Marcy hosted a television show called CityScape in Winnipeg. Prior to that, she was a radio reporter and show co-host for Golden West Broadcasting in Southern Manitoba. She is committed to fighting the stigma surrounding mental illness. She is married to the love of her life Jean-Paul and they live in Winnipeg with two small dogs that run the house.

It’s time to get Marcy out of that radio booth and into the spotlight! Come see her and the rest of our celebrities, along with our zany panel of judges on February 20th! For $25 you’ll be highly entertained plus have the opportunity to join our celebrities for a wine reception. You can purchase your tickets at!