“The Heart and Soul of a Nation”

Earlier this year, arts groups in Britain were stunned to find that their federal funding had been either cut completely or reduced drastically. Melissa Leong of the National Post points out that many Canadian arts organizations rely on federal funding for their operations, and there are worries and discussions at home about what programs get cut in a fragile economy. To summarize, the panelists surveyed in the article all believe that arts and culture are “the heart and soul of a nation,” and that funding should at least be partially restored. Chances are if you are reading this blog, you agree in the importance of arts funding.

But what does this mean for us? How does it relate to our Sarasvàti Productions and our programming?

Sarasvàti Productions partnered with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba three years ago to gather stories from incarcerated and recently released women. The resulting play was titled Jail Baby, and after much development and feedback, it is finally ready to make its world premiere in May 2013. This is an absolutely unique, one of a kind production. We know that Jail Baby will have a significant impact on the community from which the stories came, and we also hope that it creates positive dialogue in the mainstream as well.

So what can YOU do to help!?

Just a few days ago, we launched our online-fundraising campaign, with all funds raised going toward the Jail Baby project. Not only do we plan on having a traditional theatre run for the show, but we also want to bring the show into the communities from which the stories came. While we do have some funding, it is also imperative that we receive support from the community. We have a proud history of producing work that inspires positive social change, with each project receiving more support than the last. We are confident that you will see the powerful effect that Jail Baby can have.

What better time to pledge your support for Sarasvàti Productions and for Jail Baby than by contributing to our campaign this holiday season?  We have great prize incentives for each pledge level, but we know you will be giving for more than just ‘stuff.’ You understand the standing that comes with Jail Baby, and we hope that you will help us see it through. For more information, please visit http://sarasvati.ca/get-involved/support-jail-baby/