A Time to Give Thanks, A Time to Give

We have been overwhelmed and overjoyed with the positive responses we have received from students, teachers and the community with our world premiere of Empty at FemFest 2012, followed by a short community tour.  Here are just a few responses from students:
The play was very effective because it moved me so much that I went to talk with someone about volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest.
-I learned so much from this play.  I didn’t realize just how many people have to use food banks and have to make decisions like whether to feed their families or pay rent.
-The play made me respect volunteers more and realize just how many volunteers places like that need.
-I would tell the writer/director/actors that they did an amazing job and that it was really moving and heartbreaking.
-It felt real, like I had actually walked into and viewed the lives of people who visit food banks.

photo by Janet Shum  photo by Janet Shum

Sarasvàti Productions offers the combined benefit of contributing to artistic achievement while also supporting important social and community issues (such as poverty and food banks, as seen in Empty). Long term financial stability is essential to achieving our mandate. What better way to nurture growth in your community and maximize available funding than by supporting our endowment fund. An endowment fund is where gifts are pooled and permanently invested as capital and only the income earned is used for charitable purposes. An endowment creates a stable form of future income. A donation to the endowment fund assures the legacy of the donor is respected in perpetuity.

Sarasvàti Production’s endowment fund operates through the Winnipeg Foundation. There are matching programs available from both the Winnipeg Foundation and the federal government with the intention of encouraging private donors to contribute and provide future funding to charities. A donor’s gift may be doubled and the next deadline for the federal matching program is November 30th. If you are considering a gift to the company now is the time!

1. Contribute to our endowment fund at the Winnipeg Foundation.
2. Or to make a gift by cheque, please send to: The Winnipeg Foundation RE: Sarasvàti Productions Endowment Fund 1350-One Lombard Place Winnipeg, MB   R3B 0X3

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