‘Diss’ Is Almost Here!

The time is almost here… presented by yours truly, Diss will be making its Manitoba debut tomorrow at the Manitoba Student Leadership Conference in Shilo!

Diss tells the story of a brother and sister, newcomers to a big Canadian city, as they search for belonging and a sense of status. The male is lured into dangerous behaviour by so-called friends who are actually recruiting for a gang. Their mother is a single mom working long hours at menial jobs to make ends meet. As the play unfolds the audience sees the changes in this family as they struggle to adjust to their new home and are affected by discrimination.

What makes Diss so unique, is that it allows students to share their thoughts and suggestions about situations that are played out in front them on stage. Performed in Forum Theatre style with hip-hop elements infused into it, audiences will have the opportunity to interact with the characters by telling them what they should do next. How cool is that? This gives the audience the chance to influence the characters’ decisions, but it also allows for self-reflection and an assessment of how they can make better decisions in their own lives.

The play was originally written by Rex Deverell, in partnership with the Toronto Police Service and youth with gang experience. As a result of including youth with gang experience in the development, the show is a realistic portrayal of family relationships, friendship, peer pressure, theft, gun violence and many other issues that affect young people living with gang presence in their communities.

Spots are still available for the fall 2012 tour! To book yours today, send us an email or give us a call (204.586.2236)! If you know a youth group that should catch the show, we will be offering a public performance in partnership with Winnipeg Public Libraries at the Millennium Library on November 7th at 6:30pm. It is a free performance for youth groups and agencies. Please call us to register for this performance as space is limited.

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