Q&A with Urban Ink

Hailing from Vancouver, British Colombia, urban ink Productions is proud to present Women in Fish. This multi-media production will be featured as part of the incredible line-up for FemFest 2012: Staging Identity. Below is the Q&A we have put together for various artists associated with this year’s festival. Unlike other groups, urban ink decided to respond collectively (as opposed to individual entries). This makes complete sense since the show is truly an example of extraordinary collaboration. The community-feel and impact of the production really resonates with their commitment to community values and storytelling. We are thrilled to have this amazing group of women come to Winnipeg! Rosemary Georgeson and Jane Diston will be joining us the week before FemFest to meet with the community and actor Mary Galloway will be arriving for the performance. For more information on purchasing tickets for FemFest, check out www.femfest.ca. Stay tuned for information on community engagement events and public installations you can be a part of and enjoy!


What is one thing every actor needs to know? How to act.

What does every great story have to have? A laugh.

What is your favourite word? FuckingA…is that 2 words?

Complete the sentence: If I wasn’t typing this email interview right now, I would be …Swimming, its hot today and the ocean is cold and calm.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was …Enlightenment

A common misperception of me is …That I am 35, not 55. ( Rosemary)

You know me as an actor but in truer life I’d have been …A bat out of hell. Meatloafs divine inspiration for the rock!