Q&A with Talia Pura

From Stonewall, Manitoba, Talia Pura writes from a place of compassion, interest and intrigue. Talia is an active member of Canadian Women 4 Women in Afghanistan, from which this piece is inspired. During FemFest 2012: Staging Identity, Pura will be workshopping her latest original play, Cry After Midnight. This powerful story takes place in Afghanistan, and tells the incredible story of three women from different walks of life, and how their lives intersect in a war-torn country. A must see for the festival! Join us for the workshop presentation on September 15 at 3pm.


What is one thing every actor needs to know?  How to find a way of identifing with the character she is playing.

What does every great story have to have?  Great characters that you care about.

What is your favourite word?   Ameliorate; I like the way it sounds.

If I could grant you a single wish, what would it be?  To have a major theatre present a full run of one of my plays.

Complete the sentence: 

If I wasn’t typing this email interview right now, I would be…  doing a re-write of another play!

The most surprising thing that happened to me was…  having my three children actually grown up  and leave home!

A common misperception of me is…  that I am 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

You know me as an actor but in truer life I’d have been…  a ballerina first, then an actor.

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