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Playwright Hope McIntyre’s Final EDEN Blog

Closings are always interesting in the theatre. You work so hard and intensely on a show with a group of people over an extended period of time and then it just ends.  Some suffer from post-show withdrawal. You don’t get to see the people you have spent all of your time with for the past few weeks. You don’t know what to do with your evenings and you have to let go of the work. Some move right on to the next project so there is no void. In the theatre you learn how to create quick bonds as your co-workers are always changing. For me in particular it will be odd as I feel the play still has work to be done on it but I’ll certainly need time to process all I’ve seen and heard.

The EDEN team has been such a great group to work with that it does feel like a family, more than a group of colleagues. We’ve celebrated birthdays together. We’ve laughed at some mishaps and consoled each other about others. There have been pre-show naps in the dressing room and post-show drinks. Lots of snack food, it seems the chocolate and sugar of the rehearsal room has been replaced by salty and savory with several varieties of chips and nuts. There is teasing, but also a great deal of respect.

Generally the playwright wouldn’t be around to experience it all, but as Artistic Director of an independent company I’m still there every night to help our volunteers set up and make sure things are running smoothly. This has allowed me to see the show with various audiences, from the completely engaged high school students to Kevin P. Gabel’s fan club.

As our first large scale show outside of a festival, we’ve learned a lot – from the temperamental wireless microphones and cameras to the fact that M&M cookies are the most popular to sell at intermission. We are certainly keen to hear feedback from our audiences though on the play, the process of booking tickets, the theatre set-up… We are always eager for input so we can continue to learn and grow both as artists and as a company.

We have accomplished something huge, which was a big risk. EDEN already has interest elsewhere but it likely won’t be seen in Winnipeg again so we encourage everyone to take advantage of the last two performances!

The end of the run usually means high energy performances as the actors and crew take their final shot at delivering every line or realizing every cue with the knowledge that it will all be over soon. It’s bittersweet but everyone rises to the occasion.

Check out the EDEN webpage or call 586-2236 to book tickets for the final shows on Saturday, May 12th at 8pm or Sunday, May 13th at 2pm.

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