Cabaret of Monologues Features Immigrant Experience!

Here at Sarasvàti Productions, we are gearing up for International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues: Women of Winnipeg!  As we are very excited about our wonderful line-up, we thought we would take a minute to highlight one of the monologues we know you will be looking forward to watching.

This year, Sarasvàti favourite Elena Anciro is featured in the monologue Immigrant Experience by Hope McIntyre.  In this funny and touching piece, a young Filipino girl named Malou deals with her nerves as she prepares to reunite with her mother in Winnipeg after eight years of separation. We checked in with Elena to get her thoughts on performing such a powerful piece.

Sarasvàti Productions: Elena, how did your own heritage and experiences growing up influence your understanding of Immigrant Experience?

Elena: Growing up as a first generation Canadian, I reaped the benefits of the hardship and sacrifice my parents went through when they immigrated to Winnipeg, but only had a surface understanding of the fears and emotions they felt during that time.

Sarasvàti Productions: How did you relate to the character Malou?

Elena: Although Malou’s and my parents’ stories are different, putting myself in the shoes of a young person traveling alone, her whole life in one suitcase, to join a mother she no longer knows brought a deeper appreciation and respect for my parents’ journey to where they are today.

Sarasvàti Productions: What was your parents reaction to the piece?

Elena: During the first performance of this monologue, my mother was brought to tears as she relived the moments she spent waiting to board her plane to Winnipeg so long ago, which is truly a tribute to Hope’s talent as a playwright.

Immigrant Experience was originally written for Women’s History Month 2011 and was performed in an evening of other monologues entitled Women Through the Ages in October. The goal was to include the important stories of the many Filipino women who came to Winnipeg in the late 1970s as nannies, leaving their own children behind. Elena Anciro performed the piece at the event as well as doing it at the Millennium Library. It was so well received that it was added to the line-up for Sarasvàti Productions International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues. The theme for this event is Women of Winnipeg and it is important to pay homage to the amazing contribution made to the city by the Filipino immigrant population.

To see Elena and the rest of our fabulous line-up, come to the Colin Jackson Studio Theatre (3rd Floor Portage Place) March 9th and 10th at 8:00 pm. Tickets are only $10 can can be reserved by calling 586-2236 or bought online at

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