Will Randall King Get A Five Star Review?

Anyone who reads the Winnipeg Free Press knows that on the weekend, Randall King is the guy to guide you to what movies you should or should not see. As Winnipeg’s favourite movie critic, Randall dishes out the dirt on the films that are not up to par, and raves about the ones that everyone should see. We trust his opinion and expertise to enhance our film choosing and viewing.

We are very excited that Randall will be offering himself up for critique to our panel of judges at So You Think You Can Act! Let’s learn more about Randall!

In a way, Randall King was born into the entertainment beat.

His dad was Winnipeg musician Jimmy King. His older brother David is a playwright. His even older brother Bob is a singer-songwriter.

Randall has been content to cover the entertainment beat in one capacity or another since 1990.

His beat is film, and the job has placed him in the same room as diverse talents, from Martin Scorsese to Martin Short, from Julie Christie to Julia Styles. He has met three James Bonds (four if you count Woody Allen), and director Russ Meyer once told him: “I like your style.”

Will Randall’s performance be critically acclaimed by the judges? Will he get a five star review? There’s only one way to know!

Please join us February 16th at 8pm, Gas Station Arts Centre! Tickets are limited so purchase yours in advance on our website or reserve by calling 586-2236.

If you haven’t yet predicted the evening’s winner, take our blog poll.

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