Will Howard Mandshein Hit All The Right Notes?

So You Think You Can Act is coming up fast, so it’s time to feature another local favourite, Howard Mandshein!  A Winnipeg Radio legend, Howard Mandshein will test his skills on the stage February 16th.

Howard is a child of the 50’s, and his love and passion for music has made him a perrenial favourite for Winnipeg ears.

His first introduction to music was by the mighty KY58 in the early 60’s. It might have been Elvis, Bobby Darrin or perhaps even the Everly Brothers that first seduced him, but it was radio and the role that the medium played. The songs, the melodies, the chords, the harmonies… this little box became his companion, his escape and his playground. At the time, he really didn’t know if it was curiosity or novelty. Then something really shook his world… The British Invasion and the wonderful music that came over the ocean. He was hooked and this solidified his ambition. The next decade and a half he spent procuring education through school, travel or just basically hanging. A door for him opened in radio in the late 70’s. After a stint at University of Manitoba campus radio, Gary Magic Christian asked him to come aboard and join the team at 92 CITI FM just as the fledgling station hit the airwaves.

Fast Forward to today. He’s back entrenched on the weekends and to quote some old Canadian rockers “Lovin Every Minute of it!”

So, will Howard love every minute of So You Think You Can Act?  Only time will tell!  Will Howard’s performance “be in tune” with the judges?  There’s only one way to find out!

Join us February 16th at 8pm, Gas Station Arts Centre! Tickets are limited so purchase yours in advance on our website or by calling 586-2236.

Dancer, Host, Producer…Actor! Can Tracy Koga Do It All?

We are so excited to have Tracy Koga as one of our celebrities for So You Think You Can Act!

Tracy Koga is senior producer and host of “Backstage” on Shaw showcasing the arts, entertainment and lifestyle highlights in our city!  Not only is she everyone’s go to gal for all the Winnipeg Arts scene news, she now adds actor to her impressive resume.

Tracy Koga is a true Manitoban, born and raised in Winnipeg, and now happily married and raising her family here. Tracy is a former dancer with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet going through the school ranks, graduating right into the company. After dancing around the world, she settled down back home and landed an opportunity to work for Shaw TV covering arts and entertainment.  For more than 10 years with Shaw TV, Tracy enjoys producing and hosting “Backstage” everyday, and working on TV specials that have taken her to Disney World, Churchill and The Pas in Manitoba’s north, and as far away as Israel!

Tracy has traveled around the world but finds Winnipeg the best place to be for arts and culture!

We are thrilled to see Tracy on the stage again!  We are also excited that she will be performing a scene from I Love, You’re Perfect, Now Change. What do you think, will Tracy dance all the way to the winner’s circle?

Only one way to find out, come see So You Think You Can Act!  Join us February 16th at 8pm, Gas Station Arts Centre! Tickets are limited so purchase yours in advance on our website or by calling 586-2236.