Will Ace Burpee Be Aces?

Everyone knows and loves listening to Ace Burpee on HOT 103, but will everyone love his acting skills? Will Ace earn the judges praise?  It’s time to meet everyone’s favourite radio personality, Ace Burpee!

Ace Burpee is from Cooks Creek, Manitoba. He currently works as the host of the Ace Burpee Show with Chrissy Troy on HOT 103. Prior to that, he played in the NHL. This is not true. At all. Prior acting experience includes being on float with Beethoven the dog in Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure. Ace was cut from the scene prior to release.

So…now that we know Ace’s prior acting experience, we wait with baited breath to see him act! We are pleased to announce that Ace will be performing a scene with his mom, actor Jan Burpee! Not only that, but they will be performing a scene from For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls by Christopher Durang! This parody of Tennesse Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is sure to have the audience rolling in their seats with laughter. Here’s a teaser to give everyone something to look forward to:

LAWRENCE: I can’t work, mama. I’m crippled.

AMANDA: There is nothing wrong with your leg, Lawrence honey, all the doctors have told you that. This limping is an affectation.

LAWRENCE: I only know how I feel, mama.

AMANDA: Oh if only I had connections in the Mafia, I’d have someone come and break both your legs.

LAWRENCE: Don’t try to make me laugh, mama. You know I have asthma.

Will Ace and Jane Burpee will the coveted trophy?  Will they be the pair to beat?  You must come to So You Think You Can Act to find out! Join us February 16th at 8pm, Gas Station Arts Centre! Tickets are limited so purchase yours in advance on our website or by calling 586-2236.

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