Can Al Simmons Act His Age On Stage?

He’s a musician! He’s an inventor! He’s a nut!  He’s been called the Thomas Edison of entertainers, a wizard of one-liners and a lightning bolt of lunacy. His astounding gadgets, preposterous songs, impeccable comic timing and kooky take on classic vaudeville have thrilled and entertained fans of all ages for over 4 decades. Juno Award winner Al Simmons is a creative genius whose highly original performances of profound wackiness and off-the-wall inventions have taken the arts of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity. Young or old, you cannot fail to appreciate this man’s frenetic stage antics and mind-boggling lovableness.

See Al in a different light as he takes the stage during So You Think You Can Act on February 16th, 8pm at the Gas Station Arts Centre! Although he might be performing a comic scene, he will also have to act his age for once without the help of musical instruments or gadgets. Word on the street is that he’s already trying to bribe the judges, but it is the audience who gets to vote for the winner of the inaugural trophy. If you love Al’s work come out and support his bid for top spot! Tickets can be purchased through our website.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the human juke box demonstrate his acting chops. the whole line up looks like a lot of fun. See you there.

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