Under the Mango Tree at FemFest!

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Fringe-hit Under the Mango Tree to the festival line-up! Although it is the result of unfortunate circumstances, we are sure that audiences will be pleased to have a chance to see this powerful production by Vancouver’s Veenesh Dubois. Due to an emergency medical situation, Pyaasa will no longer be able to participate in FemFest 2011: Staging Inspiration. The scheduled performances on September 22nd and 23rd will be replaced with Under the Mango Tree

Veenesh Dubois

 “It’s about a daughter’s love and yearning for her father,” Dubois said of her play’s plot line. “The father lives in a small village and wants to find fame, fortune and better opportunities, so he leaves his family behind and emigrates to Canada. The story follows the letters that the daughter and the father exchange between one another.”

This charming semi autobiographical one woman show, written by and starring Ms. Veenesh Dubois has been praised by critics everywhere it has toured:

CBC Winnipeg  – “Theatre at it’s Best” – 5  Stars!

Examiner.com –  “A tour-de-force performance that will take your breath away!”

Winnipeg Free Press – “A rich semi-autobiographical drama” – 5 Stars!        

As a young girl Veenesh Dubois grew up in a dirt floor hut in Ba, Fiji.  Her Father in 1971 immigrated to Canada to seek fame and fortune.  In 1973 Veenesh’s father sent for her and the rest of the family and their family’s Canadian story began. Much of the Under The Mango Tree Story comes direct from Veenesh’s experiences, including her arranged marriage at the age of 16 and having had two children before the age of 23. Veenesh has since gone onto to study theatre and has acted professionally in film, TV and on stage for more than 15 years.

For the latest FemFest news and the full line-up check out www.femfest.ca .

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