Love Blooms

Here at Sarasvàti we know that there are hundreds of organizations in need of support and as a result everyone receives multiple requests for donations. We are in a position where on-going fundraising is simply a reality in order to continue to do the exciting theatrical work we are committed to undertaking. We try to find unique approaches though and ways of raising funds that hopefully also provide some benefit to our supporters. When our Marketing Advisory Committee member, Pam Hadder, suggested a floral bouquet it was a fresh idea! Since people buy flowers anyway why not encourage them to support a local florist and contribute to the arts at the same time. We were then pleased that our neighbourhood florist, Sonya’s Flowers, was so great about jumping on board and becoming our partner for this initiative.


The Sarasvàti colours have been beautifully captured in the bouquet created by Sonya, entitled Love Blooms. The bouquets will be on sale on an on-going basis starting at the beginning of August. It is a versatile bouquet that can be given for any occasion, so if you want to give flowers why not support the arts at the same time. Maybe this is a good excuse to pick up a bouquet for someone special as a nice surprise.


Sonya’s Flowers
1459 Main Street (corner of Main and Inkster)
(204) 586-9636