International Women’s Week is Upon Us

Elizabeth Stephensen in "Living Cosmo"

With this week’s celebrations of International Women’s Day, we mark 100 years of activities advocating for women. Tomorrow, March 8th, is the official day. We are pleased to be presenting a sampling of our monologues at Sage House. We will then do a few in Winkler on March 9th as part of Genesis House’s fundraiser.

We had a great dress rehearsal yesterday and the whole team is excited to share the work with our audiences on Saturday, March 12th. Reservations are coming in for both the 4pm and 8pm performances but we also invite you to purchase tickets at the door. Our box office will open an hour before show time at the theatre, Colin Jackson Studio (at Prairie Theatre Exchange, 3rd Floor Portage Place).

Here are some photos from yesterday’s dress rehearsal to give a flavour of the pieces! Thank you to our fabulous photographer Janet Shum.

Alissa Watson in "Hockey Mom"

Stephanie Sy in "Miss Orient(ed)"

Elena Anciro in "Standby"

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  1. I enjoyed the show, when I saw it at the Colin Jackson Studio. It was a different perspective to be an audience member and not involved in it. I think the audience knew what a great and important show this was, and those who missed it had no idea. It was too bad that there were 2 years lost on this cabaret and I also hope it carries on with more female actors participating and more open minded people witnessing this show.

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