Why Volunteer?

Fen promotional table, Janet Taylor on right.

As National Volunteer Week comes to an end, we at Sarasvàti Productions are grateful for the enormous support we receive from volunteers.  In particular our Board of Directors are an active and crucial part of the company.  We’ve asked our Board to comment on why they have made the commitment to Sarasvàti Productions.  One of our newer Board members, Janet Taylor, is just celebrating one year with the company.

“I am very pleased to be a part of Sarasvati Productions. I joined the volunteer board in April, 2009 because of my interest in theatre, and because I believe in their vision and mandate. As a former educator I appreciate that members of the community have the opportunity to become aware of significant social and community issues through the theatre experiences offered by Sarasvati Productions. Watching the creation of the Forum Theatre piece No Offense was truly amazing, especially as it provided an opportunity for high school students and staff to participate in a theatre experience where they could change the outcome of the victims.  Also because of Sarasvati Productions’ commitment to supporting emerging artists, I became involved in the development of a pilot mentorship program. It was quite successful and provided valuable data and feedback for pursuing an on-going program. Participating with my fellow board members is stimulating and fun. It is a great way for me to contribute to my community and fulfill my interest in the arts.” – Janet Taylor

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