Sarasvàti Productions’ Board Member Speaks Out

Greetings, readers!
My name is Patrick McCauley. I hold the position of Secretary on the Sarasvàti Productions’ Board of Directors. I’d like to take a minute and share my excitement for the work that Sarasvàti Productions is doing, by letting you know what prompted me to join the volunteer team.

Throughout my life, I’ve looked for opportunities to expand my world view. Not only do I believe that this will make me a well-rounded person, but it will also help me relate to others that come from different life circumstances than my own.

That is one of the main reasons I chose to become a Board Member for Sarasvàti Productions. In my volunteer experience, I’ve found that one’s time is even more important than money.  With our exciting and powerful mandate, I can’t think of a better organization to give my valuable time to. In the three years that I’ve been a Member of the Board, my mind has been opened to numerous issues for which I had no point of reference. But even more fulfilling, is bearing witness to the shifts in perception of our audiences.

I’ve always wanted to help change the world… make a difference, if you will. I can’t think of a better way to achieve this then by becoming involved with the great work of Sarasvàti Productions.

Look for our posters, visit our website, and come to a show to see what we’re all about! I’d love to see you there and please take a moment to say hello to myself or any of the other Board members at Sarasvàti Productions.